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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. I think having space is a good thing, gives you both a break to figure yourselves out, try and work on having more time to spend with her (I know with the two jobs that’s harder to do) but I know with time that’ll get easier! If you love her then do anything for her yano? Not like completely so she doesn’t have to do anything or takes advantage but a nice mix of just being there? If she loves you then she’ll stay, just try to make her feel loved!

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  3. Exactly. I think she's mad at his family because they're exactly correct. She likely cheated on her husband and he just found out that her son isn't his. It's not easy to meddle with a DNA test and I really don't see how his family could have had a chance to meddle with it. She's pissed off that she's been called out and wants an echo chamber.

  4. Sometimes I have a hard time believing people are this stupid but then I come on reddit and read stories like this and can't believe my eyes. Jesus Christ this guy is awful lol.

  5. Sometimes it's not naivete as much as it's feeling like you don't have any other options. Obviously OP doesn't owe us any further details about his life, but if he's unable to work, dealing with a disability or illness, caring for children, etc., he may feel like he needs to stay with his wife and put up with her abuse – abuse victims often stay because they feel trapped.

  6. This reminds me of my mother. It took me until well in my 30s to see it. I was severely abused in my childhood. It still affects me to this day. My father was the perpetrator but my mother ignored it all. To this day when she talks about it she will make it all about her. How she is suffering because of what I had to go thru. She once told me a therapist she was seeing told her she has no empathy and can only see things in relation to her. So my suffering translates into her being the one that is hurting because i am. It meant that I had to fight for my right to my own pain very single time it came up. Because she has not a single empathetic bone in her body this will never change. I’ve learned to deal with it, because she is my mother and I do love her and I choose to have her in my life. But there have been years I didn’t have any contact with her. If you choose to stay in this relationship I highly recommend that he sees a therapist.

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