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Date: September 25, 2022

16 thoughts on “Julietavargas live webcams for YOU!

  1. That's not how it works lol.

    You're young and fun right now, it will only get worse after you get married. You stress about everything, sex life dies. You'll both gain weight.

    It doesn't get better after marriage.

  2. Only idiots get jealous of this. No joke, I’ve invested hundreds in vibrators for my wife, and she has more orgasms, making her hornier, and we see more action together as a result.

  3. Clearly is ISNT the only plausible scenario. At no point in the post does OP insist it’s impossible that he isn’t the father. Major red flag ?

  4. Just remember, there are other women out there who wouldn't care about bellies touching during sex and would find him quite the catch even with the gain. If you decide that you can't live with the fact that he is no longer your preferred body type (which you seem to be thinking might be a deal breaker here), letting him go is not an unrealistic option. He will find someone else who will be ok with him as he is. You have to decide what you want to do because you can't force him or coerce him to be what you want. You can decide to still be with him or not.

  5. Would you give your eggs to your almost 50 yo mom to have another kid?


    Straight up no.

    Does she expect you to be a surrogate as well?

  6. You are tripping, seeing how emotional you got, because of this.

    You need to have a talk with her, about your boundaries. You should establish in advance what kind of behaviour and is not ok. Then you should figure out proper reactions to not ok behaviours. I think she should make it clear she isn't interested in anything more, and has boyfriend regardless. If she does not want to make a scene sge should just aend him message saying that. She shouldn't avoid being direct about her intentions.

    If she is set on indulging everyone by not raising proper protests, even when situation calls for it then naturally you shouldn't be with her.

  7. Mine slips in to either one, but I do both and love going fully out then back in, sometimes im not even sure what hole im in, just to give an idea on the other end.

    I’ve seen plenty of stories on here of guys doing it intentionally, so can’t rule that out.

  8. We’re gonna talk about it next week and I need some advice on how can i convince her that i take accountability for it and im trying to be a better man for her every single day

  9. I mean it is all up to you. Your body your choice and all of that. However, you will just have to accept that it might lead to a breakup soon.

  10. Has he ever been diagnosed for adhd? A Person close to me has similar stimming habits and has adhd. Also I kicked my habit when I chipped a tooth. I’m sure there’s lots of great pictures of people who have done that.

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