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Date: September 24, 2022

11 thoughts on “LisaHoffman live webcams for YOU!

  1. Is he muscly? If he has that extra testosterone it may lead to the anger outbursts, or steroids. He may literally not be able to control his anger, but either way you should probably leave

  2. maybe but if you read the rest of her comments, it sounds pretty weird to me.

    She says that she asks permission but he doesn't make her ask permission.

    She says she was sick but is weirded out when her boyfriend put a cover on her and went to check the bathroom after she left the bathroom… because 'he doesn't trust her'… when it sounds like he just wanted to make sure there wasn't a mess to deal with later, or a sick person to worry about.

  3. You don’t agree to do this background check and therapy deal, then you’ll probably break up because she’ll (incredibly unfairly) interpret that as guilt.

    BUT, if you DO agree to this background check and therapy deal, then you’ll STILL probably break up, because her serious and baseless accusations have destroyed your trust, and that’s a dealbreaker, right?

    So you’re in a catch 22, where all paths lead to break up. So I’d go ahead start that process.

    And you don’t have to explain yourself to her, but if you want to help her understand the breach of trust she’s committed, tell her this is like you baselessly accusing her of cheating. And telling your family and SM she’s a big cheater. And then making her go through a series of degrading hoops to “prove” (bearing in mind that legitimately proving a negative is practically impossible) that she’s not a cheater.

    Hopefully that comparison will help her connect to the seriousness and infuriating ugliness of what she’s done.

  4. I was thinking maybe wife is jealous of this woman, but it sounds like she’s just seriously overreacting. Usually when something like this occurs in a marriage the pillow isn’t the actual issue. It’s typically deeper then that. For example, if your intimacy levels are down she may be reacting to that. Try to see if there is a deeper issue at hand. If not, you may need to reevaluate your marriage. This isn’t healthy.

  5. Don't ignore the red flags. What do you think is going to happen if you do? That he's just going to magically be a completely different person?

  6. Honestly, she has to learn to put herself first. She owes her husband absolutely nothing. He decided to cheat and he was caused his own accident and he should face the consequences of his actions. How is he ever going to learn a lesson when he has someone to stay and help him after all that shit he has done? She has to cut the cord and let him fix his own mess. It’s the best for them both.

  7. You guys are just not sexually compatible due to differences in sex drive. Not just a guy thing to have a high sex drive and I might even say his doesn’t even seem that high but just average. I’m late 30s and I want to have sex every day and sometimes more.

    Normal is a huge range. Do you think you might be asexual? Are you sexually attracted to him? any medical changes like a change in birth control or other longer term medication? Have you orgasmed with someone or by yourself? I am asking all this more for you to answer for yourself.

    It sounds like your boyfriend is being responsible/respectful about all this. One thing I tell men all the time is you want an enthusiastic yes when having sex with someone and it doesn’t sound like you were feeling an enthusiastic yes for whatever reason you determine. It may hurt now but it is better than them trying to coerce you, you letting him use your body for sex, and/or him cheating bc that isn’t very healthy either.

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