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  1. You’re not understanding the research. This isn’t a roll of the dice. The factors that go into whether it is transmitted could be radically different for different partnerships. The research as I understand it is 20% chance per partnership, not per sex act. The people who don’t get it could have naturally higher resistance or immunity, for example. Or certain practices / habits could factor in as well.

    Yes, probably more sex acts makes it more likely that it gets transmitted, but that’s just one factor among many. You are vastly oversimplifying and that is why you are dying on this hill of your wrong conclusion.

  2. What really sticks out for me reading this is the your bf doesn't care to raise any children, he simply wants them to exist. So if you were to have a child with him, he would not be an involved parent even though you'd be together. I know you're holding onto this relationship (read up about sunk cost fallacy) but it really doesn't have anything going for it. Are you getting anything out of staying with him?

    Save yourself the time/energy/money that comes with a divorce. Don't marry him, don't have a child with him.

  3. Tell him he is royalty who can expect you walk behind him in submission. If you are not always, even in arguments, and respected as an equal partner, that he needs think about his relationship behavior.

  4. He would be used to it happening because I would think it happens all the time to him. It happened to me and I asked my doctor and they said there's pockets in the lining up in the vagina and large penises can burst them which causes the bleeding (but it can also happen with any sized penises when doing certain positions). It won't do any internal damage as such, it's just up to you if you're willing to put up with it.

  5. Do not have children with this man. I repeat, DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN WITH THIS MAN! Your body would be put through the wringer with pregnancy and he will never shut up about how it’s changed. Being a factual person is code for “asshole” and you deserve someone who builds you up not brings you down.

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