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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. Gotcha.. well, I suppose it's a matter of deciding how important this is to you. I get why you feel the way you do about partner, but my personal feeling is that it's more “serious” than boyfriend. Like if I didn't believe in marriage and didn't marry my husband, “partner” would feel like it describes our relationship better than boyfriend at this stage where we're absolutely life partners. Seems like that might be how your girlfriend feels about it too. Would she be uncomfortable with you calling yourself her boyfriend if that's what you want to do? If so then maybe you can both just use your own preferred term.

  2. Yea I know what you mean. I guess I just figured when you found the right person the idea of being with someone else wouldn’t come into your head, in the years I’ve been with her I’ve never felt like this for another girl.

  3. What I'm really looking for advice on is how to implement the space boundary more effectively, while also minimizing negative impacts to the relationship as much as possible while still sticking to the boundary. What's your take on that?

    In that case, my take is that you should continue to ignore her messages for the sake of your own mental health, which is infinitely more important overall, and hope that you will be able to patch things up with her at a later point when you actually have the energy to do so.

    You just have to be ok (or “ok”) with the possibility that your friendship might not be the same afterwards, if it even survives at all. But if this is the first time you and her are encountering this type of conflict, then your respective ways of acting and reacting will naturally have a lot to say with regards to how viable the friendship is in the long run. I'm personally very similar to you in the sense that I also sometimes need to withdraw from everyone on what probably seems like short notice, and I simply no longer maintain friendships with people who aren't ok with that. I tried for a long time when I was younger but found that it's just not fair to either party.

    The only hail mary I can think of is that you get your partner to take on some of the emotional load and talk to her. She's a mutual friend after all, so without knowing anything about your relationship dynamics, it seems like an easy fix to just get your partner to say that “hey, everything has been resolved at this point and we're still together, but lawrencek1992 is not in a position to engage at the moment.”

  4. Go to a therapist to work on you.

    Dump him. Dump him now, get a restraining order if you have too.

  5. It seems like he had a typical sex drive. You might view it as high because you don't have one at all. Both are ok. you guys were just sexually incompatible and that doesn't work for some people. I'm glad your boyfriend turned your offer of sex down because it would have made it seem manipulative. Best of luck to you.

  6. Well done for so decisively moving out, this sucks so hard and I’m so sorry. He absolutely does not deserve you, and he does not deserve a second chance – if he spins you a story about a sex addiction (might be true)…. Great he can go and get help so he doesn’t break another woman’s heart, you’re not waiting for him to be a better human and then acting as a test subject for his treatment.

    I would suggest if you really love his mum then tell her that you wanted to let her know the situation, that you’re leaving because you’ve discovered he’s crossed a serious hard line, multiple times in multiple ways in your relationship, that you’re devastated and it’s so bad that there’s no coming back from this and you absolutely don’t want any contact with him going forward and hope he’ll respect that. That at the moment you don’t want to go in to specifics you just wanted to tell her what was going on because you will miss her a lot. You can always decide to give her more information at a later date but you can’t take it back, and if he spins some crazy lies to his mum then does it really matter – he can do what he want you’re completely cutting off from him.

    You need to decide if you want to maintain any contact with her – I have known people to and it’s fine but be wary of any moves from her to put him in contact with you, pass on any messages from him or try and convince you to give him another chance. If she starts any of that behaviour, or you think it’s likely she’ll do that then she needs to go on the no contact list too sadly – but you can at least give her a proper goodbye now. Or you can give her a proper goodbye, say that you think contact with her would be inappropriate or too difficult at the moment but ask if it’s ok to ask her how the dog is in a month of so. That way you’ve established a no contact boundary immediately. I suspect talking to her at the moment is going to just keep opening wounds to be honest but without knowing what your relationship is like and how long you’ve been with him it’s hard to know how important it is to salvage a relationship with her whilst not being involved with him at all. It maybe something to consider to work towards in time but not right now.

    Then block him absolutely everywhere…. Including that Google number! And also, please write yourself a letter now, while these wounds are so fresh about why you’re not going to resume contact with him and why you’re not going to give him a second chance. Because at some point you’ll probably have a little wobble about how strong you’re feeling. Call a girlfriend and ask her to come over tonight and maybe even plan to stay the night at a friend’s house tomorrow night if that’s when he’s due back if you think it’s likely he might come to you flat. Obviously, don’t answer the door if you do stay – I wouldn’t even let him know you’re in there if possible. Does he have a key to yours?

    You are strong, you’ve got this! It’s going to really hurt but this is disgusting behaviour from someone who claims to love you and you’re showing yourself how much you’re worthy of love and respect. So stay strong, cry as much as you need to a cuddle your dog!

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