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Date: September 27, 2022

9 thoughts on “Dulce live webcams for YOU!

  1. I am beyond confused ?

    It's your truck that needs to be fixed. Why will your girlfriend care, and how does this impact her trip I'm ANY way?

  2. This has got to be a troll post. Otherwise,why are you on here asking a question with an answer that is extremely obvious?

    Take your kid to the hospital, call the cops on your husband,and get a restraining order on your husband.

  3. And she hates his daughter for something she has no control over.. Like how are you gonna hate your husband's 8-year-old because her mom is manipulating her? And this threatens your marriage somehow? There's clearly nothing worth saving in that marriage.

  4. This isn’t about one weekend. It’s about everything you mentioned and a lot that you didn’t in second paragraph. Time for a real conversation.

  5. You dodged a bullet with that one. I understand it hurts so much right now, but , trust me, you will find happiness. And it will be with someone who would never do something like that. So hang in there.

  6. Sounds like you are only trying to make sure she is safe, rather than trying to be controlling.

    But at the end of the day, if she doesn’t want to deal with her problem re drinking, doesn’t want to take her own safety into account when she’s at these places (definitely a bad idea to drink someone else’s drink, as you don’t know what it is, and don’t know if anything has been added to it) that is on her.

    So if you are not comfortable going, and she wants to go, then let her. Ask her to make sure she keeps her drinking under control, stays as safe as she can (no drinking other people’s drinks, keeping an eye on her own drink so it doesn’t get spiked, staying with the friends she knows rather than wandering around alone etc).and if she agrees, then all good (hopefully) if not then you might have to leave.

    Remember you are not responsible for the actions of others, and that includes how your gf acts, and any trouble she gets in.

  7. Wait “taking care of him and your son”?

    Isn’t he 50? Does he not work?

    Instead of being happy for you, why in the world is he being so selfish? He doesn’t even want to compromise and accompany you on any trips.

    I’m sorry you have to deal with that but he is being unreasonable.

  8. I think you should take a BIG step back and breath. Your emotions are TOTALLY VALID. This is weird, not very considerate, and not okay for any friend to act as facilitator for something like this. BUT THEY ARE THE WEIRD ONES, You GF was dealing with a BIZARRE and UNCOMFORTABLE situation, and a situation where a man was expressing CREEPY interest in her. Get on the same page as her, because she was trying to do the best WITH A SITUATION THAT HAS NO RELATIONAL NORM. Look, could she have handled it in a way that made you feel better? Maybe, but that's up to to you do identify and then ASK FOR FUTURE CONSIDERATION. But you're on the same team, and she probably felt WEIRD, targeted, awkward, confused, when it happened and freezing or trying to pretend it never happened, especially when everyone else in the situation was treating it like it was normal and a politeness issue not, A CREEPY MAN EXPRESSING BOUNDARY-IGNORING INTEREST IN YOUR GF. I cannot stress enough how many weird emotions stuff like that evokes and how she was PROBABLY CONFUSED trying to figure out how to JUST MAKE IT GO AWAY. Good luck, I hope you can be a support to her rather than an antagonist while she sorts this out in her friend group.

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