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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. Please don’t let what you saw make a surgical decision for you! I don’t look like what my boyfriend of 8 years has glanced at on his phone and or watches on tv but he doesn’t want me to, he wants me to be realistic and authentic! I too got a little weird at first but he voiced to me, in actuality most men don’t want in real life what they let’s just say “fantasize” about! Men like real fat more, as a matter of fact some things I considered flaws my boyfriend likes and enjoys! I had body issues in the past bc I’m very petite and obvs the last decade we see very curvy beautiful women but I am who I am and he knew this 8 years ago when we first got together! I’ll be honest it’s now 8 years later as I said, Im now 40 years old and have some curve to me, and I like my bum these days, only took a few years of bum excercises haha and I’m still feeling meh, I don’t like the curves naked but love them with clothes on! So with that I’ve decided we are human, we are not perfect, we seem to always want more, it’s never enough anyway so I try to be content and chill with what I have and what I am and that’s, that! Im sure you’re perfect to your boyfriend! Go easy on yourself ❤️

  2. I hate to say this buddy, but stop sleeping with you before you find yourself baby trapped. All the signs are pointing at a situation you won't be able to get out of. She is on a VISA, you've only been dating for 2 months, and she's already pushing the marriage, and kids. That's a bad, dangerous sign. End it before it's too late. Also be prepared for her to come back claiming she is pregnant. Proof from a doctor, and a DNA test before you do anything.

  3. Man, I'm 32 but I feel and look I'm in my late 40s. I'm mentally so tired, I mean I married this guy because initially it seemed like we had a lot in common with regards to our thought process and value systems. But eventually certain red flags began crawling out of the woodwork. Nowadays I've just shut down completely so I accept that that can be annoying so he's angry that he can't communicate with me. But from the very beginning in our marriage I found so many times that I would bring up an issue with him related to him and he would either play it off or start deflecting blame. He would point out other people's issues extensively and judge them but play off his own faults. He's changed quite a bit since then but my trust severely eroded and I can no longer confide in him, I only tell him career issues. He listens a fair bit but even then sometimes I feel like he tries to mansplain stuff to me. Sometimes I'll start saying something but he'll say I'm talking too slow and make a hand gesture to speed up.

    It's all very conflicting for me because sometimes he'll be so loving, supportive of my ambitions and interests, generous with compliments and just looks at me with love. Then I don't understand how the same person can act like a dick. I don't know I'm just dead inside and I feel like this whole marriage is a joke. Which is sad because I guess he wanted a future but now even he's starting to see that I'm withdrawing quite a bit.

  4. Seriously just save everything she sent you and talk to a divorce lawyer,they will reassure you. this is a piece of cake to them

  5. No no it’s no because it’s in the past and he got acquitted therefore it literally does not matter. If my partner was accused of theft and was acquitted she wouldn’t need to tell me at all because it wouldn’t matter.

  6. I don’t even know what I should say to her or if I should say anything at all or just let her wear the dress and suck it up? Any advice would be appreciated.

    Your husband-to-be should handle it, not you. If your MIL-to-be remains obstinate, then ignore it at the wedding and reception, but edit her out of the video and pix.

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