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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. This is really difficult and I’m sorry you are dealing with it. I’m sure she’s very embarrassed and maybe in denial about what is going on. This is most likely something she does not want to talk or think about, and she probably has a lot of shame, which is why she lied about the towels.

    You will want to be as loving, caring and supportive as possible when you address it. Start by asking for information because you noticed her butt wasn’t fully clean, being as neutral as possible when you speak. This could be a symptom of a health condition that she isn’t aware of or is trying to pretend doesn’t exist, or it could also be a sign of childhood neglect or abuse. Maybe no one taught her how to properly clean herself. There are far stranger things that happen in what appear to be “normal” families.

    This kind of sensitive and nuanced conversation is really above Reddit’s pay grade. It’s worth your time and money to talk to a professional ASAP. If your job has something like an Employee Assistance Program, there’s usually free counseling and you can talk to someone on the phone. Even a mental health hotline in your area or your health insurance advice line would be possible resources for help having this conversation.

    You can be the caring partner who helps her understand what is happening and get over this. You aren’t there to fix her or save her though. She has to do her own work and you get to set clear boundaries.

  2. Honestly you’re young and you’re stuck in the middle of this relationship and you love him so you probably can’t see things straight, just reading this there are so many red flags firstly is online throughout this whole relationship, secondly his family and friends, I am not saying your boyfriend is a bad person but with the environment like that he will definitely have different values and morals than you, you didn’t notice it probably because is always been online and the ugly side is easier to hide, I think is good for you to get out off this relationship and I know you’re frustrated but is also never a good idea to force your partner to choose, is just a very extreme way to do things and it is unlikely to solve anything but only make things worst

  3. I think it's great that you know what matters most to you but other people are allowed to care about other things.

  4. Raising his voice and insulting OP for extremely small reasons is abusive. It’s verbal abuse and psychological abuse, that’s why OP feels hurt and runs away crying. He’s hurting her, it’s not him dealing with his past trauma, it’s him causing present day trauma. I’m worried about OPs future if she marries him, this looks a lot more like a classic abuse cycle of explosive abusive fights followed by apologies, repeat forever, and escalating inevitably to DV.

  5. So instead of just leaving you stayed, watched your husband grow and change for the better, than still cheated on him.

    Yea, there's no sympathy for you at all from me. And it'll likely get me down voted.

    People need to grow up and realize if you're not happy or can't get past past behaviour then you leave. End the relationship and move on. Don't fucking cheat. You sank down to your husbands level when he treated you poorly and are now just trying to excuse your behaviour by blaming it on him.

    Tell your husband you cheated, start the divorce proceedings and seek therapy.

    Do you want your kids to learn that this behaviour is okay from both of you??? Like come on.

  6. I also married an Eastern European woman and that's pretty much how we roll. We stick together even in sickness.

    Shaun is a disgrace to us men. I'm sorry you found out, but be glad it was before the wedding.

  7. Exactly! I got ripped to shreds for asking how to present the gift to my husband (he loved them), because I should have let my husband know I was doing it.

    This woman thought she was helping a “friend” out with business, because he was a professional. I have an issue with the “friend” here doing more nude photos and under the circumstances those were taken. Did he tell her upfront what the poses were going to be? Was she intoxicated? If she knew up front…totally professional setting. If he got her drunk then started going racier and racier HUGE issue and ya'all should be pressing charges.

  8. Assert your dominance and reverse uno that shit. Find a female intern and sleep with her. /s

    Seriously tho, don’t put up with that. As others have said, document the hell out of it. Give clear boundaries that support your relationship with them is professional and extends no further. Even if there’s a boys club environment, take it above you and to HR. If they do not support you, that’s what attorneys are for. No one should have to deal with what you’re dealing with in their personal life, let alone at work.

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