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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. I like to drive around and it's literally impossible to just drive all day like that and do nothing but drive. 30 min to an hour is the timeframe I spend. Find out what he's up to on your own since he obviously isn't going to give you that info or just break up. You don't need proof he's definitely cheating either way, but this could stop the lies. The controlling behavior is also a red flag you'll be happier with him gone and you doing what you want to do. If you cannot kick him out bc of the lease or if he will not move out, don't pay his way, treat him like a roommate. Make him buy his own food, don't feed him your food, make him pay rent, and split cleaning. He will likely want to move after all of this. And go do what makes you happy. My partners have always been encouraging for things like the gym because that's for you, your health, and what you want to do.

  2. Tho I understand the upset feelings at her not sleeping in your bed together. If it's more comfortable for her that's all there is to it. Was any of this a thing before you got married? Have you spoken to her about some of your feelings here? Are you guys ever intimate sexually? Has the open door policy removed sexual intimacy from the relationship?

  3. In one of his previous comments on a deleted post they are talking about his kink mentioning knives and guns, op states that “that's his kink, he wants to use a gun”

    So we DEFINITELY need more info here

  4. She did say all she asked for was my validation when she felt bullied by others. She did not say to cut people off… I could have my own relationship with others. I’m too late to realize how important my validation is to her and most people at “Raised by narcissist” Sometimes it’s also a difficult time that she thinks we are being taken advantage of and being the man in the relationship, I’ll need to speak up. On that department, I am improving. Sometimes I see it and I’ll speak up but other times I just process don’t people’s gesture sentences like my girlfriend. Therefore, she feels unprotected and calls me a weak man. How do I improve on reading people?

  5. You hit the record button on your phone in your pocket IMMEDIATELY before you walk in to talk. Protect yourself first and foremost. There is absolutely no fixing this at all. I am so angry for you! That is just so nasty and so disrespectful.. You deserve so much better than that. I cannot stand cheaters with a passion.. I'm so sorry for this happening to you.

  6. I think you need to understand that what you see in porn film is not real. Even if it says “amateur” or” homemade”, they are all paid actors. This then became your fantasy. To have it as a fantasy is fine. Enacting it in real life is a no-go. Your husband tried to keep you happy and damaged himself in the process.

    Peocome into a relationship having been swingers. They don't don't use it to spice up their sexlife. It's who they are. I'm afraid you've broken your marriage. Your husband is looking into space running those hours through his mind. He's fixing stuff to stop thinking about it.

    I suggest you get marriage counselling urgently. I suggest you close your marriage and hope for the best. Maybe promising the marriage will help. But unless you can turn back time, you are never going to be able to erase the memory of his wife being railed by 4 other men.

    Good luck

  7. Thank you so much! I’ve been doing weekly-biweekly therapy for about 6 months now and after todays session she said I am doing so well and seem so much brighter and more logical. I’m really proud of myself

  8. i’m not sure since he has never been the type to really talk about his feeling, maybe due to the way he was brought up, when we last talked he told me he was feeling empty and like “there was nothing he could give”, but he said he has been feeling this way just for a few weeks not since the breakup, i really don’t know what to think and i’m so worried for him

  9. And your patience has achieved what, exactly? Spoiler: he’s escalating.

    This is unacceptable on any level. Why are you accepting it?

  10. In which case, you’re going at this with eyes wide open. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to draw up a legal document with your “in case we split” agreement- to help protect both of you. But otherwise – go forth and prosper!

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