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Date: September 23, 2022
Actors: Zlata-912

13 thoughts on “VICTORIA

  1. Don't reach out to him, it's best to respect that people move on from friendships sometimes. If you really want to know then asking your mutual friend is the obvious choice.

    Might be better to just try and move on to be honest.

  2. Thanks fam, I appreciate it. I just gotta plan for all the pain coming my way. It’s been a rough little bit for me.

  3. It sounds like this about a lot more than a misplaced phone. If I had to guess, I would say that she feels as though you are not listening to her feelings and paying attention to what she says about anything and everything. The phone just sent her over the edge. The only way for you to get this back on track is to pay attention to what she says before it gets to the point she has had enough, and is ready to walk away.

    Communication is important. Listening is important. Work on those things in your relationship. Talk to your wife.

  4. Time to start putting your child first. Is this really an environment you want her living in? He may love her but not enough to start behaving less selfishly than he currently is. This is not your fault, this is a problem he has.

  5. Fucking double standards in this sub. If this was my husband posting about my 15 pounds weight gain that since pregnancy shows differently on my body, you all would take him apart.

    Glad to see that someone acknowledges it but sad to see I had to sort by controversial to see it. If genders were swapped we all know that responses would be extremely different.

  6. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    You probably should tell her, but only if you have evidence, as you will need to be able to prove it.

    You also need to end your friendship with the affair partner.

  7. Wow, that sounds pretty organized!

    I can manage without the reminders, but I really get tired of knowing what needs to be done when I need to ask him, or state something for him to otherwise clue in to the same thing. Ideally, if he can see that “only him” tasks are hanging out in the “Todo” area for a few weeks or months, he will feel more accountable and do things.

  8. You've already received great advice made the correct decision so I'll touch on something else.

    I'm just kind of devastated rn because it felt like my tie back to my family and now it's gone. I've considered weaving on a new bracelet but it wouldn't be the same because my mother spent hours weaving that on to me.

    Did she also dispose of it? If she didn't it is not gone, repair it.

    There is a form of art in Japan called Kintsugi. Pottery and ceramics are repaired using gold laquer in order to highlight the repairs.

    The belief is that the life of an item should not be hidden but celebrated as part of its history.

    While the repairs render the dish no longer usable for eating from it also represents that while something may no longer serve its original purpose that does not make it purposeless, it merely has a new purpose.

    Repair it.

  9. The ick you feel is your body telling you he can’t be trusted – listen to that feeling – you deserve better than this.

  10. Exactly. In this case his son would benefit from not having OP in his life, so that he doesn't have to see his dad posting on r4r subreddit describing himself as “extremely horny, well hung, jacked white male” looking for a “discreet FWB” while his wife is pregnant.

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