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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Obviously I’m bias but I don’t think I’m smothering. I don’t have location or boss him around. He’s free to leave when and where he wants- I know what it’s liked to be controlled so I have tried to be very mindful of things like that.. but maybe I’ve done it in other ways without realizing. I’m very scared that it’s #2. I appreciate your opinion.

  2. ur the one who got together with an 18 year old at 26… gross. she isn’t the problem here. you are! why are people not allowed to like her pictures?! that’s so stupid. Do you expect her to never speak with any male? is she not allowed to have a presence on social media because she’s with u? that’s what your making it sound like. like she has to be under your control only. and it’s disgusting. she didn’t do anything wrong. you did her a favour by breaking it off. hopefully she can meet someone her own age that will actually treat her with respect and like a human being.

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