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Date: October 1, 2022

6 thoughts on “Miyongii live webcams for YOU!

  1. “Hey I like you, so I am going to keep this simple. Would you like to get some boba together sometime? (No offense will be taken if you are not interested.)”

  2. Reading OP’s comments, This reminds me so much of my ex-fiancé. She was also an idiot in that anything she heard, read, or saw, suddenly became internalized and now applied to her/me.

    She hears “I would never trust my SO to have opposite-sex friends,” immediately cuts off the same guy friend who said that and demands i cut off all female friends. Overheard people talking about “non-locals” being rude/ignorant? Lectures me about being disrespectful to strangers on a train. Reads a wedding magazine about the average wedding being $60,000+ and 200+ guests in the heart of downtown, nation’s capital? Bitches at me for how the fuck i am going to afford our wedding… which was 10 people and 8k originally. And then decided ours had to be as expensive as the magazines said, and started trying to jack up the price before i finally had enough and nope’d out.

    I think OP has been downplaying a lot of these minor, internalized problems in the past. Its easy when its just one small thing here, there, and behind this, under that. But now shit has scaled up and it’s not so much a case of “where did this come from?” so much as it’s “when did it get this bad?” Just from his OP to the comments, can see him having more time to really thing back on it all and starting to identify more examples of this same bs that he just shrugged off before.

  3. From the sounds of things, he's paranoid, controlling, and doesn't respect your boundaries at all. If he doesn't trust you enough to not cheat on him, he shouldn't be with you. He can't forbid you from doing anything, you're your own person. This isn't healthy, and you need to decide if you're okay with continuing to be a doormat for him or if you want better.

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