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Date: September 29, 2022

11 thoughts on “Aliice-Grayy live webcams for YOU!

  1. Is this the same guy from some of your other posts? If so, please find someone else.

    He seems like an arse.

    Based on this post and others he shows minimal interest in you, which screams you're a placeholder until something better comes along for him.

  2. Normally I never support forcing someone to get rid of a pet, but that poor dog is being abused and neglected. That amount of time in a create is what is creating the anxiety. He needs to contact a rescue group and let that poor dog go to a home that won't neglect him.

    As for your relationship with this guy, he's a jerk. He 100% ignored your expressed concerns and got a dog anyway. That is terrible in a relationship. Is this really a guy you want to be with?

    So my advice? Convince him to find a home for this poor dog then after that is done dump his ass and find someone who doesn't disregard you so badly.

  3. Wtf? You do realise that some countries take 2 years of separation to finalise a divorce and that's without any complications at all. Literally wait 2 years, get divorce papers, then you can marry your new partner.

  4. Op is insecure and blames it on boyfriends porn. Boyfriend should not be with her and vice versa. I’d love to hear his boundaries too. But these things are one sided.

  5. LDRs are a lot of work. And if it feels like a chore, it's off to a bad start.

    I like e-dates. Streaming a film together or finding a game to play together. Spontaneous talks that unexpectedly go super deep and before you realise it, its 4am and you've pretty much laid every insecurity, kink and pretty much your entire soul out on the table.

    But if it really does feel like too much work, it probably is sadly.

  6. How was it obvious that he was “into her?”

    And your jealousy isn't her problem to solve. She hasn't done anything wrong.

  7. I'm sorry, OP, but I think this relationship has run its course. He seems to have zero respect for your schedule, and lying to you and the child's mother about your availability is absolutely not OK. Plus, I have news for you. He clearly does not care how you felt about it and made some bullshit attempt to assign some kind of blame on you. So, he will do this again, no matter what your schedule. You already know this in your gut, but it's to move forward without him.

    Good luck. Be ready. He's going to be a real a-hole about losing his ATM card and babysitter.

  8. I think a good place to start would be to say “Wow, I'm flattered you think so highly of me, but I'm too early in my academic career to feel like I know enough about (subject) to be able to talk about it on the same level as you and your peers.”

    When he starts asking about your personal life, give a generic dead end answer and refocus on the assignment you came to talk about. If you were calling him by his first name, don't call him that anymore. Call him Mr or Dr(depending on his degree / official title).

    Think about how you treat your other teachers and treat him the same way.

    On top of what everyone else has suggested.

  9. People who would do this to her and to him and his sister?

    They were doing something they should be judged for. That’s villain level.

  10. No you don’t risk your safety. If you risk your safety then what does that mean for all you’ve been through. It’s unfortunate that he’s having such a traumatic response to what’s happened that he can’t face reality, but that doesn’t mean you live in danger. You move out for sure and if you want to continue trying you insist on therapy together.

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