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  1. Stop seeing a relationship as a competition. And even if you call her wife and she would call you hubby, you are soooo not mature enough for a marriage, i even think you are not mature enough for a normal relationship if everything is a competition to you and you can't see that every relationship is unique.

    And demanding to be called a special pet name is kinda eww. Prt names are a sign of endearmend and choosen by the partner, you don't demand them. And calling each other hubby and wife is kinda gross. You want to show off a commitment that just isn’t there. And even married couples don't name each other so if they talk to each other, maybe if they are freshly married. Or ever heard someone call his partner the name “fiance/e” when talking to them? “Can you give me the salt, fiance?” “Oh, you forgot my name again?”

  2. Please do not go forward with this. She's feeling pressured from herself to do this cause she LOVES YOU! Like others have said if you value/love her for who she is you will adapt your life with her and give her the love and respect she deserves. If sex means that much to you then please end it before you absolutely crush her.

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