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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. Take care of your kids well and you won't have an issue with them developing ASPD. It's a result of traumatic life experiences, not just genetics. Even if they did have it, they'll be able to live a normal life with support.

    Now this man on the order hand, kick him to the curb. He knows that a lot of people would assume the worst because of his disorder but instead of trusting you to love him regardless, he hid it and manipulated his way to a perfect little family. I'm very sorry this happened to you.

  2. First, I hope you understand being “fuck buddies” does not equal being friends. I had a hard time figuring out I was sleeping with my friends to keep them, when they didn't give a shit about me.

    Yea same and the rest of this comment us really good advice too.

    OP what do you want from these casual relationships? What dies your “ideal” look like because it may be you need to re evaluate that.

  3. I am truly sorry that your girlfriend reacted this way. It’s possible she wasn’t expecting it when you told her this because you both agreed that you didn’t want to get married. I honestly don’t believe it’s because you were divorced prior, but I could be wrong about this, so I apologize in advance if I am.

    I’m happily married now, but when I first told my husband I wanted to marry him, we fought about it a lot. He had actually said something offensive in response, but I won’t go into further detail since it doesn’t matter anymore lol. I think he was just conflicted because we were always fighting and I do think he pretty much hated me at the time (we had recently had a baby and I also believe he resented me at the time. my psychiatrist thinks he may also have had a form of post-partum depression since men can suffer from this too).

    With that said, I totally understand that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you tell someone you want to marry them and they don’t reciprocate because I’ve been there.

    What I would suggest to you is that since this is bothering you, I would set aside time to sit down with her and to speak with her about this. By having a heart to heart, you can open the door to communication and to allow her to give you her reasoning as to why she was taken aback. Also remember to accept her answer even if the answer feels hurtful because it always hurts when someone doesn’t share your feelings, but don’t let it get the best of you.

    Whatever the outcome after this depends on you, and you’re never wrong for any decision you choose to make. Whether that means that you want to continue on in this relationship or you want to keep searching for someone who will settle down with you again, it is entirely your choice whatever feels right to you, and whatever decision you make will be okay.

    Always remember to do what’s best for you and to always take care of yourself no matter what.

  4. I did the 28 and married thing as ALL my friends were getting married and settling down. We are all divorced except for 1 friend.

    Most of these divorces were messy.

    It met my now husband much later in life, and our marriage is perfect.

    Stop focusing on being married, and start focussing on meeting someone you enjoy spending time with. Life is fun when you have a buddy. Make buddies. One day one of those buddies will be a bang buddy who you spend all your time with just hanging out and doing stuff together. A couple of more years go by, and you’re married.

    Take the time. Life this really precious life.

    If you’re feeling unhappy with your life, work on finding your joy. Become a fully realized human.

  5. Nope. Dump him. Do not fall into sunk cost fallacy – he doesn’t want to engage with your friends, he was violent to you, he dismissed your concerns to another by trying to make it sound like you were to blame, and he displayed paranoid behavior.

    Nope. He shouldn’t be in any relationship. He sounds like he has to do a lot of work on himself!

  6. She's already “married” to her lifestyle and doesn't want to change. I don't think she wants what you want. You want a wife who will build a life with you, she wants mom/dad to take care of her and to stay stagnant. You should move on to find someone willing to grow with you

  7. doesnt sound like autism to me. but even if it is; you dont need to tolerate bad behaviour just because someone is autistic. why are you with this person?

  8. Hi everyone. I have always been raised that body hair isn't bad but that its always my choice in what I do. The first time I shaved was when was little and my uncle told me I shouldn't have body hair.

    Fucking gross. I dunno, maybe this is taken out of context but I have a hard time thinking of any context where that's remotely appropriate to say to one's niece, as a grownass man.

    There have been a couple of times as a child and young teenager I came to blows with my brother.

    If I heard my daughter tell me that my brother or brother in law had said something like that, I'd be severely tempted to show up at his house and rearrange his nose. At the very least he's not going to be welcome in my house for a while and there are going to be some real disrespectful language over the phone.

    With that said, I'm with someone new and he want me clean shaved or down to almost nothing. I'm not sure what to do entirely as I like my body hair.

    Tell him, to quit watching so much porn, what he sees in porn isn't fucking normal. Tell him razor burn and ingrown hairs are less appealing than what you have now. Tell him, but if it's such a big deal he can always shave himself if that's what gets his rocks off. You're not judging.

    How should I work around this and what is the best was to approach it.

    I mean, as long as it's trimmed a bit, what's he going to do? Say no to sex?

    Do what's comfortable for you.

  9. Her saying that now is not the same as if you had done what she just did.

    And of course she's extremely remorseful and guilty now, because she just messed up her life.

    You should absolutely do what you want here, and some people can definitely forgive cheating. But don't give her too much credit for her actions since she cheated, because tbh that's how almost all cheaters act. Otherwise everyone would leave them.

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