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Date: September 24, 2022

9 thoughts on “tattoobabyy

  1. You m so happy for you. That is what I want and desire to have. That’s so awesome you found that. Thank you for your words.

  2. Of course he's in a position of power of you. And you agreed to it.

    That is the literal foundation of a sugar relationship. It's why he's the “sugar daddy” and you're the “sugar baby”.

  3. OP, you didn’t do ANYTHING WRONG!!!!

    Cheating: conscious decision to have a new one time or reoccurring act of intimacy that is in violation of a monogamous relationship; Sexual Assault Victim: unfortunately OP, you.

    Your bf is manipulating you. From the ‘we will only break up if you want to, bc I know I do dumb shit a lot’ to the ‘come home and WoRk off your lie’.


    You revealed that you were the victim of a heinous crime and he’s gaslighting the shit out of you.


  4. The spa and rest of the day should have been the surprise. Leaving work suddenly when she's probably busy and trying to get things done shouldn't have been a surprise.

  5. To be blunt, you’re in denial and don’t respect yourself. Ask friends or family for help leaving him. A terrible relationship is much worse than being by yourself. It sounds like you should be by yourself to build back up, find things you enjoy doing and therapy if it is an option for you.

    Look after and care for yourself, this guy won’t.

  6. Y’all telling me that your brother really couldn’t pick a different date to get married lol wtf

  7. If you must, go to a lawyer and sign a prenup (or whatever the “we’re just dating” version of that is. I realize you love each other now but people change when they break up and family courts are notoriously unfair, usually to men. Especially if one of you makes more than 1.5 times the others income. Alimony is a bitch.

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