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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. Unfortunately, you might be hard to deal with. That's the point. You can feel offended or ask him why?

    Most of the time, it's finding offense, needing to be right and being argumentative that pushes good men away. Assuming he is a good boyfriend.

    Love doesn't cause war. Love ends wars. Wanting to win at any cost is war.

    Find out why he wants to move? Even if you move on. You may run into that same problem. Learn from this experience. There may be something to this. Try to be objective.

  2. People who are active abusers often do a very good job of fooling therapists. It simply isn’t realistic or reasonable for her to ask you to attend therapy as some kind of screening tool, like it’s a blood test you can take or something, and it isn’t a good use of a medical resource. If she really has some concerns then perhaps a couple sessions of couples therapy would be appropriate, but I also think it’s ok to just opt out of this relationship all together. She sounds out of touch with reality and you shouldn’t have to make up for something you didn’t do.

  3. If you are done studying in Korea and then still want to go to Germany for your academics and career, then yes. But do not put him ahead of everything that you are working toward.

  4. You don't have TV shows you both love? Movies? What about starting a hobby together like hiking or a fitness class that you can discuss. My husband and I bond over food shows and great restaurants and are always planning our next new place to try. Usually once a month we try a new to us place.

  5. I’m sorry you’re being downvoted for this. I don’t know why people attack posters in this subreddit for answering questions. Downvoters, get the fuck over yourselves. OP, I hope you can take the actual helpful advice in this thread and get away safely.

  6. Sometimes people thank me for my advice so I have to assume it was helpful in some way.

    Sometimes I advise breaking up, but other times I suggest ways to communicate about an issue (including scripts), or compromises, or apply a different perspective.

    Other Redditors often don't agree with me, and that's fine. I figure getting a variety of answers may help the OP pick one that fits the situation best.

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