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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. You don't ask, you tell her. It took your time but eventually you made a decision and it's on her. She destroyed your relationship and your trust, made you feel taken for granted and lost her respect for you. And yes, she didn't tell you everything, it's called trickletruth, they tell you just as much as they don't damage they wants, she is in self-preservation mode. Be assertive, don't sugar coat, just because it happened 11 years ago it's still fresh to you.

  2. She doesn’t have depression dude. She’s literally living her best life. She went on four vacations this year alone and had an all expenses trip with her best friend. She is not depressed.

    You are depressed. Your father is sick and possibly dying. Your body is suffering. You’re working yourself to death and still can’t keep up financially. Your life is a complete lie and you’ve decided all of it is worth it if you can just keep this relationship.

    You should feel angry. You should feel resentful. You should feel angry at her for sitting back and watching you destroy yourself while she reaps all the benefits, and you should be angry at yourself for allowing it to get this bad.

    But your self-worth is so in the gutter you feel nothing but the gradual overwhelming pressure that your life is a catastrophe and your relationship is a lie and you’ve done all this work for nothing.

    You should be feeling a lot of things right now. But your coping mechanism for your depression is to redirect the effort you should be putting into yourself into her. The metric of your self-worth is how much you do for her. “I can’t be a flawed person, look how well I treat my girlfriend.”

    You have some severe co-dependent and abandonment issues. Deep down you know the truth. She doesn’t love you and she’s not depressed. You know she’s taking advantage of you.

    If you got injured and couldn’t work for six months do you seriously believe she’d go out next week and work two jobs 12 hours a day, pay all the bills, come home and cook for you and clean the house and be happy to not even get any gratitude, affection, or appreciation? You know she wouldn’t do any of that. She’d leave you in a heartbeat. She wouldn’t say that’s why, she’d come up with some BS reason she thinks you’d believe — but she would never do any of this for you.

    That’s why you’re so afraid of confronting her. If she leaves that means all of this was for nothing and the only person you’re left with is yourself.

    You need to start focusing on you. Quit the second job. Flat out. There is absolutely zero reason why she can’t work at least part time. Stop cooking for her. Stop paying for her vacations. When was the last time she paid for a vacation for you? In five years she couldn’t have scraped some money together here and there and surprised you with a nice vacation?

    Start putting some of that energy into yourself. Chip away at your denial. Start seeing the truth for what it is and stop allowing her to use her mental health as an excuse to not contribute. Depression doesn’t prevent people from being grateful. She’s not.

  3. Didn't mean anything by the growing a brain but. I got married at 19 and was stupid for doing so. Honestly we're still growing/learning , the prefrontal cortex is the last part of the brain to mature. (Was divorced with a newborn by 21 so I know of what I speak when I say that stupid part) sorry. Hope it works out however is best for you. But that's some unnecessary stress you'll remember 50 years from now

  4. You do realize that what he calls “feeling abused” is his way of saying that he was hurt that you spent a night together only hugging and sleeping.

    People just want to accept everyone's abuse, to the point that even when it's not abuse, it's accepted as such. Nope. Or the guy is saying he abused himself? Because YOU did not abuse him in anyway. And going outside of your own comfort zone is NOT abuse.

    The guy is saying that, because he did something he regrets, he felt abused.


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