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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. “You feel scared.” Amongst all the other concerning behaviors. You. Feel. Scared. Feeling afraid of your partner is not normal, no matter how it's been normalized in your situation. That is your beacon. Your very soul telling you that this is not right.

    You are in an abusive relationship. That is just the truth of it.

    But the question is, how do you get out of this situation?

    How do you not continue this cycle of abuse through your kids who are absorbing every abusive action?

    How do you leave before the abuse escalates?

    You need to start with 3 things.

    Horde money. Open a bank account secretly and find any and all ways to put money into it.

    You need to consolidate a support team. Your brother may be a place to stay. But you need to speak with a DV organization. They can assist you legally with protection orders and practical guidance on how to separate. If you have any friends that are yours, but not your husband's, those are the ones to contact. Anyone from before you were married.

    Journal. Write everything down as it happens. Dedicate one portion of that journal to all the reasons you are doing this. And reference it daily. Because you will be tempted to go back.

  2. I don't think that because I know her very well after four years. I know how she felt about me. Before me she was with a guy for almost the same amount of time and she despised him and never had any feelings for him anymore after she met me. This only happened a few days ago, and her feelings of missing me so much I think are pretty recent. She never stopped caring about me, but she knew she didn't treat me right and that we were both unhappy so that's why she left me.

  3. I would be kind and understanding but I’d also tell him I was angry and upset with his behaviour and that I deserve better. If he doesn’t step up I’d break up even if I still love him. If he seemed halfhearted I’d still break up. Love isn’t enough to make it work.

  4. Oh, maybe. Who knows? Finding out where fears come from is usually a pretty long, complicated process. You have to be in therapy and really do some hard work, digging into your experiences and feelings.

    Aside from that, you can just accept that jealousy comes from insecurity — and you don't have to listen to insecurity. You just need to practice telling yourself the truth. Being in a relationship with someone doesn't mean that you're never attracted to another person. It doesn't mean that for you. You find other girls hot. It won't mean that for anybody you date. The thing is that you're choosing to be with that person. It's about choice.

    The really cool thing is that the more confident you are, the more attractive you are to your partner. If you can imagine yourself saying something like “Yeah, I can see why you find that dude hot. Sure. Anyway, what's for lunch?” Women want to feel safe. Showing her that you don't freak out about stuff, and that you're confident in your own skin, is a great way to do that.

    Hope this helps.

  5. No, it states there is a separate small changing area offered for women if they prefer to suit up alone. Hockey rinks have four+ team locker rooms per rink, and each team is assigned a room regardless of gender. There is a closet offered for women to change in if they feel uncomfortable in the team room. Lots of comments in this thread describe the disadvantages of missing the team locker room time.

  6. I think you mean ex-boyfriend. If he has so little grasp on the concept of consent,you are well rid of him. Congratulations. The trash took itself out.

  7. Meeting his friends is another look at his stability, or lack thereof.

    He is totally scripting how you see him by controlling the environment you see him in.

    It sounds like you aren’t compatible.

    Let him go. Pray that he finds health, happiness and a person compatible with his healthy self.

  8. I’m sorry dear, it’s called hot and cold. Maybe look up covert narcissism. Sounds like you’ve already lost yourself and being the same age as you this hurts. I was with a man just like this. You won’t even realize when your confidence and self esteem eroded. Please dump him for your own emotional and mental well-being.

  9. So…asked and answered. If that’s not a sufficient reason for you then date someone else.

    Busy doesn’t mean she can’t do whatever she wants in her free time. Maybe she has a friend in crisis that she’s chatting with. Maybe she just doesn’t have much to say during the day to you.

    If you ask to look at her phone though, that’s nuts.

  10. Get therapy. Stop pretending you don’t NEED it when you’re still totally triggered and need a week off from nail polish colors. That’s deep.

    You’re doing yourself a huge disservice by not getting the help you actually need.

  11. He's a redpill passport bro. He can't get a woman here in our city so he goes online or overseas because they believe you are submissive and will never talk back

    YouTube “passport bros” & “red pill”

    He is likely black so look up the “black manosphere”

    Be careful with him men from Philly can be……..a bit much. My own brother told me not to date men in Philly ???

  12. The problem is you should've had counselling as a couple ages ago but now you're at breaking point so I'm not sure if it can be remediated

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