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Date: September 29, 2022

9 thoughts on “Tiffah live webcams for YOU!

  1. Even if you say anything will she listen?. The girl is too in love to see how creepy her bf is. This is something she needs to learn as her life lessons.

  2. As soon as someone demands that I “promise” to have sex with them, it’s the worst turnoff ever. 100% not having any sex now. Sheesh.

  3. Oh he 100% has ADHD, and may be slightly on the spectrum. I've discussed these things with him as kindly as possible. We all struggle, but the difference is that he denies it and doesn't take the initiative to get help. I suffer from extreme anxiety and have had heart issues due to anxiety. But I reached out for help.

  4. If a man calls me lazy because I did nothing “productive” for 5 minutes, that is not a relationship worth saving

    I’m not a teacher of the most basic things to a grown up….

  5. No. It was unhappy. My ex got up early to to morning feeds of our youngest. I stayed up to 2am at night to do a night feed. Partially this was to avoid being in bed with her. I felt very alone. She also had a sex ban. She actually stated she never intended to have sex again. There were lots of arguments. I felt she was very critical. She had awful headaches and would often go to bed herself during the day. Often for most of the weekends. She told me that the doctor said the headaches were somehow due to her being overweight. But she would not do anything about losing weight either.

  6. I think since this is the only man i’ve ever been with since i was 15 my judgement is completely skewed bc this is all i know :(((

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