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Date: September 28, 2022

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  2. The only problem I see is that you both are pretty bad at not talking to each other for a month.

    My hunch would be, maybe she talked to her therapist and had the “no contact” rule reinforced and that is why she is not responding. I don't think you did anything wrong by comforting your girlfriend and being honest about your emotions (congrats on that, by the way, it's hard!).

    Try to breathe and wait it out. The no contact month will be over soon. Then you can talk this over with her.

    I am crossing my fingers for you that it works out, but if she needs even more of a break for her mental health, do NOT blame yourself for it! Taking care of ones mental health is tough, and I truly do not see how you did anything wrong (except for the minor offense of repeatedly breaking the no contact rule, but it truly is a MINOR offense imo!).

  3. You need to leave, get therapy and also a lot of guys aren't cleaning enough when it comes to their junk and ass so the sweat etc causes UTI. UTI can become chronic and it can cause other more severe sicknesses.

  4. Being bisexual does not mean that she must have the experience of having intimacy with women, though. It just means she wants to. I expect there's other men she's attracted to, too. (I mean, there always Tom Hiddleston, right?) But just as her desire for another man does not spell the end of her relationship, her desire for intimate knowledge of women doesn't have to either.

    If you're bisexual and monogamous, it doesn't matter what gender the folks you're attracted to are. They're all off the table anyway.

  5. OP i don't have much to say except get out girl. He sees unstable and manipulative. Don't stay with someone like this. You sound like a lovely girl this isnt a dude that loves u bt one that wants to control u. No one should ever put their hands on u. EVER!

    there is no excuse. None at all. Stay with ur friends. Keep them posted aswell as family incase he tries to contact them. Dump him u dont even need to do it f2f. Block him and get as far away from him as u can.

  6. It's not realistic. Yesterday spouse went to bed at 8:40 pm. I can't just leave my child unattended. Autism comes with sleep issues and my son has not been spared this problem. We've tried turning off TV's and lights early, melatonin, and even a prescription. When he's hyper, nothing calms him down except time.

  7. seems like “it is easy and simple for me to give you the same assurance I enjoy, but I won't because I got me some self worth” is a funny hill to die on. At least it would let potential male partners know they won't be seen as or treated as equals or partners. Gives them a well lit and waving red flag.

  8. Thanks to everyone that's taken the time to comment. I didn't expect such an overwhelming, and consistent response. Some of you have taken the time to write some really heartfelt and touching things and it's really meant a lot to me.

    With virtually everyone saying some version of basically the same thing I'm starting to think that he really is that transparent, and is just a run of the mill malignant narcissist that has been manipulating, and using me since the day we met.

    But if it really is that obvious I just can't get my head around how I couldn't see it before now.

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