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Date: October 3, 2022

11 thoughts on “YourBabyKylie live webcams for YOU!

  1. In another comment she mentioned him currently being a virgin that wants to wait for marriage so I don't see this as a red flag

  2. Is it cheating if you go in a locker room with a gym with a female friend and get dressed next to each other? What a our if you hug a male cousin?

  3. Sounds like you have daddy issues and are finding older men to deal. End it with these older men and learn about yourself and what a healthy relationship looks like before you try dating again.

  4. When I confront him about these he has “valid” reasons like “ it’s because they pay for me and pick me up.”

    So he is a paid escort?

    Forget about this guy. If he wants to make time for you, he would. Don't keep chasing him for crumbs of affection.

  5. You're goofy.

    At best she is using other men. At worst (and more likely) she is playing you for a fool.

    Run boy. Run like the fucking wind.

  6. She keeps on going down this path and she won't have 50/50 it will be 100 him with supervised visitation for her.

    I get he cheated on her but that doesn't make him a second class parent.

  7. I don't know about other mens experiences, but I've learnt that whichever woman that I sleep with, I can almost guarantee that their friends will be receiving a full debrief on how the night went, which includes the dimension of my dick. So I've just taken as an extra incentive to give her an extra good time… amazing how nice their friends are to you when that's the case haha

  8. Say you want the same, except yours involves no contact and him getting serious about getting his shit together. Namely, Get a job. Get therapy. Be proactive about getting better. If he can show you those things; you’ll consider dating him again. Until then, nada.

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