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  1. Just a counter suggestion, maybe it worked in your case but not necessarily it will work the same way in her situation. What if her husband is not cheating and is really good friends wirh Jackie. She will end up losing both respect from the two of them and trust from her husband.

    To RAfen04 – Nobody would appreciate you doing this. Your husband will feel like you breached his trust and if he comes out clean, you'll end up sabotaging your relationship for a long time. It's better you stick to your sister's plan and probably find another solution to find this out.

  2. So all this over $60 a month from your pocket…

    How many hours of work is that for you? To buy your partners happiness?

    I know the benefit of working from home is worth a hell of a lot more than $60 a month, you’re privileged. WFH jobs aren’t easy to find either.

    She’s already carrying a bigger burden than you with a commute, recognize the benefit you have that she doesn’t and share that benefit with her in other ways. Like a bit of gas money, and starting dinner once in a while.

  3. Thank you!!!

    This is the kind of example I was looking for and the hopeful tips of staying calm and removing myself. I appreciate it tons!

  4. He's emotionally blackmailing too. Next time he says this, tell him 'good luck, I hope you find someone else soon'

  5. Apparently Mom doesn't understand family and friends. Family and friends means OP's family and OP's friends, not her bf's Mom's friends or friends of friends.

  6. Why isn't it. Healthy relationships have hobbies / friendships outside of the relationship. I really don't see this as a big deal.

    The time ot would be a big deal is if OP wants their own kids at some point.

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