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Date: September 27, 2022

7 thoughts on “Zandy cooper live webcams for YOU!

  1. Unless there's more to go off of? What's the issue? Just a picture? An old school picture with something saying “he's awesome”? They've worked together for years and are friends?

    Advice? Ignore it unless it's connected to other inappropriate actions by either/both of them. Just a picture on a wall is… nothing by itself.

  2. people say that to be happy you should go with a less attractive woman

    Not really. What that means is don't go for looks alone as that's just the surface and won't last: look at all aspects of the person and especially the things that do last.

  3. So you've had little to no experience with men, picked this one who you say isn't even your type, decided to marry him….and so now you think he must be gay….

    None of those are red flags. I feel bad for this dude.

  4. Came here to say this. The “I get to sleep around, you don't” presented so bluntly is incredibly absurd, insane, toxic, sexist, and offensive. The dude is a complete jerk.

    But… WHO agrees to this? That's the most insane part here! Who hears a man say something this vile and gross, and goes “yup! let's date” WTF. The dude is disgusting, but I understand him – he's just insanely selfish, mysoginistic and wants to have a harem. That is vile, but it's not bizarre if you get my drift? It's just an narcissist. But a person who agrees to this, I cannot understand. Cannot even theorize about the headspace.

  5. Get her to write a diary that she will show you after a few weeks.

    Writing down her thoughts in privacy will allow her to be calmer, and she can also control what she wants you to know but finds it difficult to speak about in person.

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