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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. Your opinion is fair and so are your feelings. Communicate them to him and apologize for not being able to enjoy it. But you do not need to continue subjecting yourself to watching if you f

  2. This is pretty easy. She unblocked you because she's afraid of losing her financial lifeline.

    At least you made the right move to move away.

    Sure money can't always buy happiness, but if I have to choose between having money or having a cheating partner. I always will choose having money.

  3. Unfortunately, as you’ve noted, this is the challenge with mixing business and personal matters. My opinion is that personal matters have to come second in most discretionary issues because bringing harm to a business can have broader affects and consequences than the individuals who are affected personally. I would suggest finding a satisfying job elsewhere and remain in an otherwise good relationship free of this conflict.

  4. You’re loud and wrong. Using physical force to remove someone against their will is considered a misdemeanor assault charge in most states. It’s a misdemeanor c assault in my own state.

    I’ve also been assaulted. Would I have preferred my assailant have physically removed me from a party, forced me into their car, and brought me Taco Bell? Of course I wish that. But that doesn’t negate the very real likelihood that what OP did would meet the legal definition of assault.

    Again: I’m sincerely sorry for your own loss. But you and OP are the only ones trivializing assault here.

  5. Let’s skip over the age gap here, which is telling in its own way, but your husband literally assaulted someone.

    Your sister sounds like a mess of a human, and if your husband has been your husband long enough, he’s probably aware of that. So it sounds like this was premeditated. If he can hold his own, and she was clearly blacked out, even if she came onto him, he could’ve himself said nah I’m married to your sister, and come upstairs.

  6. You know how she feels because you've been there, you know staying would be narcissistic and egotistical and harmful, you know you messed up and you know she deserves better. Be the better person she thought you were and let her move on.

  7. Professional sabotage is what your colleague is attempting to do. If your co-worker is male and your boss is also male be careful that they don’t have a boys club of some sort before going your manager and reporting that your colleague turned didn’t follow through with the appropriate details that were necessary to the success of said project. Like I said your co-worker knew what they were doing which is they were so quick to volunteer to complete your work and make you look bad. Watch your back and try to make good friends with your other co-workers.

  8. There are literally so many harsh things I can say right now, but I'm not going to. Your choices are your choices. Get help.

  9. That’s what I thought too, either way the relationship is fucked I feel bad for that kid they’re about to have

  10. I hope OP wakes up she deserves better than this this guy sounds like a complete selfish human being

  11. The only way I would ever choose to continue this relationship if I were you is first he needs to go to rehab of some sort. He needs to stop acting like it's invalid or unecessary to receive professional help, bc no one just kicks serious drug and alcohol addictions on top of depression on their own- if you could, he would've done it by now. It's an extremely outdated mentality that psychiatrists cannot hep or to act like your treatment for mental illnesses still has a stigma, and he really has no excuse for not seeking out help aside from not wanting to get clean.

    It's very lucky you are not strapped down with kids. You have the option to really hold him accountable without the guilt of children being involved, and you cannot enable his behavior any longer. He either needs to get professional help and be accountable or you are gone. That's ideally what you should do. Lots of addicts cannot get clean for themselves, or until they hit some sort of rock bottom, and if he doesn't make some choices to help himself, then you shouldn't stick around. Maybe you leaving would wake his ass up. Clearly he has been in complete denial of his secretive actions, with stealing money etc, but now that things are coming to light he really has no choice but to comply or lose you.

    You aren't a pushover if you choose to stay while he attempts to get his shit together, but before that happens you need to sit him down and say “This is your only chance with me. No dicking around. You need to be proactive about getting help, admit you have these problems so you can receive the proper care from professionals. If at any point it seems you are slipping back into old habits, I will not sit around and watch you kill yourself.”Then you have to stick to your word if he does slip. Maybe go to some Al-Anon type meetings or do some research on families of addicts and the various ways to avoid enabling, bc people do some crazy shit in the name of love thinking they are helping when they are in fact enabling their loved ones to continue being an addict.

    I was an addict for many years and the only reason I got clean was bc I had a child and refused to be some gross junkie mom like half the people I associated with at the time.

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