Gigi Atlanta


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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. That makes it even easier. Block and move on. Hopefully find someone who’s A) closer and B) doesn’t yell at you, threaten you, manipulate you

  2. why has nobody answered your question? Yes. She cheated on you. You were uncomfortable, you wanted to leave, she stripped down with women and essentially scissored them. The matter of her sexuality does not matter morally. You were cheated on.

  3. I didn't read that timeline. I think the most likely scenario is they saw a letter addressed to OP and wished to share it with her and then thought better of it. Whatever is in that letter will not help her process grief. In any event that guy's parents clearly thought better of it in the meantime, for whatever reason. Probably because it is a tough pretty but who knows.

  4. I would also have a contingency for him bringing the outfit to the venue to change into at an opportune time. Though, it sounds like the BIL is the type to fuck around however he can, so if he can't wear the stupid outfit he's probably going to try some other nonsense. It might be easier to just not invite him and if that means her family doesn't come, I guess her family doesn't come. Would suck, but if she's working on boundaries like OP said in another comment…it might just be how it is.

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