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Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. Ultimately if you want to buy a car or pay off your debt with your money it’s up to you.

    She might see the car as something that benefits both of you, especially if she has the other stuff (housing/rent) covered but so does you paying off your debt.

    How she reacts to you spending your money is one thing but I don’t think there’s harm in her making suggestions that benefit you both as a couple especially if you two share income.

  2. Divorce. Not for you, for her.

    You're shallow and unsympathetic to what she may be going through. You're not a partner to her at all.

  3. Do you think she'd be content with volunteering at a women's shelter or hospital? It sounds like maybe she's more fixated on the idea of getting pregnant and giving birth, but if she's just looking to fill that mothering instinct, maybe helping in some form of childcare would help?

  4. This is why I will not ask to follow or even look at my partner's social media and vice versa. It just causes problems like this.

    Also, I don't think that having rules about male/female friendships are healthy. You mention “allowed”, and I think that's where the problem lies. He doesn't want to be told what to do by his girlfriend, and I imagine the same could be said for you. Both of you should be able to have the friends that you desire without it becoming a problem. Why is this rule in place to begin with?

  5. Some people share food some people don’t. Not everyone feels about food as you do.

    I do NOT share. My husband does.

    I only share food with my children. 18 months and 4 years. And sometimes I get annoyed that the 4 year old has to sample my food. Especially when I know it’s something she will spit out. I tolerate it because they are my kids and I want them to eat.

    My husband I would fuss about it A-LOT. Sometimes he does sample my food and I get annoyed but he knows I don’t share food.

    If he takes it I get mad, if he asks sometimes I share.

    Point is you don’t eat other people’s food unless you ask.

    You were wrong in the case and can not get annoyed for him complaining about it.

    I don’t know about his other issue – but in this instance your were wrong and instead of apologizing properly you gaslight him and called him names

  6. There's definitely someone he doesn't want seeing that parking pass on the car. Next time you get it from him, slap it on the car anyhow. What's he gonna do, peel it off?

  7. This isn't black and white like you want it to be… His siblings are essentially his children already. I love my wife to death, but if my sister, who is a child, needed my help, I would do what was needed, even if my wife had an issue with it. If he abandoned them, reddit would be saying he didn't try hard enough.

  8. My dad was willing to the last time him and I had a big fight but he just started his new job and can’t get time off for 90days.

  9. He’s 23 and when we first started dating he was finishing up in college. I’ve considered they have but it’s hard to understand where they’re coming from when i’ve taken a step back and tried to see what they could be concerned about and there’s nothing. Especially when they can’t give me a solid reason (ex: “he’s not good for you because ….”)

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