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Model from: es

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Birth Date: 1995-07-18

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

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Subculture: subcultureStudent

Date: September 27, 2022

36 thoughts on “Eevee-lynlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Holy do womens minds ever drive me crazy. You’re garbage break up with your bf and go get fucked around by your ex. Just leave your bf already so hes not waisting his time.

  2. Yes. It's definitely wrong. It's VERY intimate. Plus they basically went on a date together? He's crossing awwllll the lines.

  3. Does she go to therapy? There's only so much you can do for her, she needs to develop tools to manage her anxiety. The best you can do is be patient and reassure her when she's spiraling. Maybe also try to get her into a routine and learn some coping mechanisms like breathing excersises and processing skills. But even then they're just temporary fixes and don't get to the root of the issue.

  4. 90% of posts seem to be some variation of “I'm 16 he's 48 and he's just amazing and wonderful except that he murders people on Fridays. Recently my best friend made me feel bad about this fact and said I was groomed, what to do?”

  5. If you drive a car with a camera regularly, like every day, you’ll start to use it. I also use to drive a car without a camera and when I switched I didn’t use it for a few months really but now it’s second nature.

    And it makes parallel parking easier. I’m good at parallel parking without a camera too, but it’s noticeably faster when I have a camera available, because I can see more without having to move or turn my head.

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  8. OP's “friend” 100% thinks this is a date. The beach at sunset? Come on.

    He knows OP has a boyfriend so he's testing the waters by inviting her to an obviously non-platonic activity. By agreeing to it OP is effectively telling him that she's into it and her relationship won't be an obstacle.

  9. Guys often get bored of the sex and beyond a certain point only keep a gf for companionship, it’s the the small print they don’t tel u about

  10. Not toxic but if you trust eachother this little, maybe you need to deal with your issues before tumbling into another relationship

  11. Take your baby and leave.

    If you accept this behavior, the door is open for him to escalate! An abuser will keep going only so long as their behavior is excused.

    I am very sorry, but there is no situation in which this was even nearly acceptable. Take pictures and document his behavior for the safety of you and your child. He implying that your actions are to blame for him hurting you and your child!! Does that sound like a good husband and father, or even accountable human to you???

  12. I am pro choice for ethical reasons, but not for moral reasons. But I've only taken that stance after hearing from my pro-life friends.

    In practice this means I'm morally opposed to abortion, but ethically I still think women should be allowed to abort.

  13. I don't either but I read somewhere skin bleaching is a thing in Jamaica so maybe it's more common than we think

  14. I can't get into his phone. We don't share passwords and it's always on him. I've been keeping an eye our for an opportunity and had no luck for weeks.

  15. Bro, are you her husband? Why are you taking it so personally that people want her to leave a cheater? Women aren’t mental hospitals for men. If he wanted to be working on himself, he would have been.

  16. You could try and address it with her again, but it seems like you already have tried to address it and she told you it’s her decision (which it is). You can’t make her change. If you don’t like it and it’s a dealbreaker, end the relationship.

  17. I don’t like the way you lump all blue collar workers into a low IQ class and yourself way above, because of your education. You don’t get a get out card by pulling the minority one either. It isn’t class nor education that sets intelligence. Lots of highly intelligent people never get the opportunity or encouragement to go to college. Their strength might also lie in a craft. Some of the world’s great men and women were non college amateurs. So: please base your judgements on the way people behave rather than their slot on the social ladder. If people are racist, it isn’t necessarily because they do not have an education: plenty of college professors are extremists too. Take people as you find them and don’t apply your matrix tickbox. There is good and bad in everyone. The greatest difficulty is learning to spot it. At your age, if this guy is great fun, then have great fun. You don’t have to be in the lookout for a husband just yet. Just enjoy meeting all sorts of people.

  18. This one definitely is. I’d be afraid for my ability to continue breathing if I ever uttered something like that to my pregnant wife.

  19. If it's been 4 years I'm telling you this won't stop

    This isn't even a relationship he wants you as more then a friend and quiet frankly most likely wants to get in your pants plus for real though if he saw you as a friend he would respect you when you've said no and wouldn't keep trying to pursue you in hopes you'll say no that's not what a good friend does so yes end the friendship if you can even call him that and block him everywhere

  20. I'd assume chatGPT made this but it's stories are great and this one is terrible.

    Like this is clearly a foreign karma farming attempt, at least pick a country where competent English isn't very common

  21. My husband and I split everything and this wouldn't be OK in either of our books. You laid down your boundary and he isn't a fully contributing partner, why exactly you keeping someone around you that likes to disrespect you? And he has money to go out but not to help with rent?

  22. it is litterally BDSM. a BDSM he did not warn about and that you didn't consent on base of relevant informations. you may consider it as sexual assault.

    go on therapy before the PTS kick on.

    he may cry on you trust because he broke it definitively.

  23. Did he attend the birth? Some men have a hard time viewing a vagina as before for a while after… if that makes sense.

  24. Why is this so surprising? I've had a friend who has been a sugar baby, she said it's pretty common for her previous sugar 'daddies' to want sex with her. Not all will request this, but 80% of them would actually even fly her in to their home states to have sexual encounters…

    Your choice is only to either say 'no' and risk that he will not continue being your sugar daddy anymore or say 'yes' and risk that he will not continue being your sugar daddy too. I mean, tbf, he may get bored with you even with you okay-ing him with sex and will move on to younger sugar babies.

    It's a pretty simple choice really.

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