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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. Pain is a warning. Ignoring pain can have disastrous side effects. Numbing cream to cover up the pain is so dangerous. Sex was painful for years for me. I fought for treatment since i was a minor, roughly a decade. Was mainly ignored. They tried to perscribe me pain meds after my now ex complained about lack of sex. I have had periods last up to 9 months. A five month one where i bled through a overnight pad every 3 hours. They wanted me on nerve blockers too. I got a hysterectomy Dec. 30th, 2022. I got my full pathology test back two weeks ago. Not only was I weeks away from having a aggressive fast growing cervical cancer by it would have spread into my other organs by now. If I didnt threaten to cut out my own uterus. If i didnt find a truly amazing surgeon. I am 25 now and i had the warning signs for years. They refused to test for back when the organs were still inside me. Pathology was the first place that actually tested it. Because they are required too. They discounted my risks and lied directly to my face. Please make absolute sure the medocal professionals are actually doing the proper tests. I would have been dead by the end of this year with the type my body was growing. I had all the warning signs and saw all the right specialists. My mum is a nurse and was a zealous advocate who supported me and kept me on the best insurance. The doctors did not thing it was cancer so they didnt bother to look. If they ignored a 24 year old with my symptoms

  2. As a lady, I'd like to say that everyone who is dealing daily with having a major health issue, still has needs and passion. Still needs touch and comfort and most of all closeness and tenderness, still needs and wants to be a whole person. I hope when you talk with your wife about this, you will both find that common ground that seems so far away just now.

  3. it’s selfish for me to want to go on vacation during spring break?

    no it's not. The selfish part was not planning you vacation with your SO and making plans that you would both enjoy and could do together especially when you said you guys barely saw each other

  4. YOU ARE NOT TRAPPED. i felt trapped in my marriage too but you just have to fucking leave. I know it's scary. But you have to go, people dont change.

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