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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. I mean, honestly, the fact that he approached her at the gym was already half a red flag; that he was at the gym and targeting someone he thought was barely out of college makes it even worse. It sounds like he uses the gym for dating and banks on a lot of younger women being there (ugh).

  2. All you can do is tell her. She may believe you, she may not, she may even think you're jealous and trying to break the relationship and attack you. You will still know you did the right thing and everything you could. Your conscience will rest easy.

  3. It’s not a complicated situation. He’s a cheater, you’re enabling it, and you should stop seeing him and tell his wife.

  4. I’ve been actively polyamorous for about a decade.

    It seems you two are no longer compatible. Monogamy is a perfectly acceptable relationship structure and her wanting to change that suddenly (and against your will) are tantamount to a break up. Similar to if only one of you wanted to get married or have children. Same with a polyamorous person being pressured into monogamy. It’s a deal breaker.

    Also, she sounds dismissive and mean. Best of luck finding someone more compatible.

  5. People are allowed to have other friends and do things separately with them. You already said you are only close to 2 of them.

  6. Does everything you’ve ever wanted include holding your heart and emotions captive to this extent?

    I’m sure it doesn’t feel like it right now, but you will be ok

  7. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    He has a thing for her since they were teenagers. Everyone knows it and so did I coming into the relationship. It seemed harmless. I think they briefly dated as teenagers, but she quickly ended it, went far away for collage and never came back. When I asked him about her, he never wanted to talk. But like I said, it seemed harmless. We've been married for 4 years now, and our life has been wonderful. No major issues. No drama. Nothing to be really worried about. Until now. I went away for the weekend, and woke up to DM from her. She basically messaged asking for help and warned if he doesn't stop bothering her, she will get the cops involved. She sent me screenshots of him sending her hundreds of messages and emails begging her to talk to him, saying how they are meant for each other, calling her a bitch on several occasions, describing what she's wearing (how would he know that without stalking her in person?). These messages have been sent over the years in 1-2 month increments. She asked him to stop multiple times. She messaged me this morning because the latest message was more disturbing than usual messages. I apologized to her on his behalf and said I would talk to him. But how do I confront him about this? In those messages to her, he seems like a completely different person, a person I don't even know.

  8. No body is perfect but you are trying to do your best and that's all that matters. We sometimes don't get to choose who we fall in love with. A true man will do whatever it takes to keep you and grow with you. Don't ever stay with a man who won't put in as much effort as you into the relationship. Your partner should build you up, encourage, support, love, care, and want the best for you.

  9. I still need to be sure at 100% that she has BPD I will feel so bad if she doesn’t even have it

  10. I know right? My boyfriend and I have been looking at rings. Good thing I saw this or I was gonna make him my husband!

    He plays Lost Ark and Rocket League on like… a daily basis.

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