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  1. My family and I have a weird relationship atm. I was basically disowned for choosing to drop out of College due to financial issues. But I’ve honestly been too scared to reach out to anyone about this. I think if I explained the extremity of the situation they might be understanding.

  2. Thats the thing, I've given no indication of how grateful I was of him, why should he do the same? I'm trying to make up for it now by being extra helpful around the house, offering to wash his clothes, and being his emotional support. He's helped me so much over the year that we've been together and I couldn't even lose weight for him. He was at his breaking point before and I was treading ice, now hes pissed all because I got angry over one thing. I need to stop being selfish… Things were good when I was doing right by him, I just want them to stay good…

  3. As a Man who hates and will opt out of receiving Oral, I set this as a standard with my partners. It’s a boundary, for me. But, I have met some partners who view it as something they feel important to do. To pleasure and satisfy the one they love. Some people get off on doing things like that, which I completely understand cause I’m a Giver, it’s how I love.

    So… I practice open and honest communication and am willing to compromise and set boundaries and know the language of my partner. It’s a give and take, and Consent and Comfort are very real things, and should be respected, both parties.

    No one should ever force or manipulate you to commit to sexual acts against your consent, and comfort level. That’s a violation of you, on an intimate level.

  4. Have you talked to your husband about it? It may be easier for him to talk about it with her than if you did it directly.

    If she's a narcissist, don't expect her to respect your boundaries, as far as she is concerned they do not exist. Might be the only thing you can do is limit contact, or just tell her you don't want to talk about it. I don't think she will react well but there's not much else you can try.

  5. I agree. OP she was honest with you about not being ready for a relationship right now. Would you rather she kept using you until she was over her ex?

    You didn't respect her decision to end it because you called her on Monday after not hearing from her all weekend. She's your ex and doesn't have to talk to you if she doesn't want to. You need to let her go.

  6. No hes working at the hospital from roughly 9am to 9pm. Lots of stress but no need to check his phone after work. He doesnt do any of those things you mentioned or similar

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