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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. Simply put if he’s into the traditional way of the culture then yes, he will go back and be married to whomever his parents chooses or if he wants he can break out of that old tradition and be with you.

    The choice is really entirely up to him, but I do think it’s best to talk about it when you get the chance and clear things out. If his goal is to still proceed with his traditions then I guess you gotta respect that and just cut ties now rather than later.

    All the best though.

  2. Do you know the best ways to be direct. If he’s violent, make sure you have somebody with you. There’s a few Reddit reconciliations that worked out where they stay together and you know it’s usually men that did this to. When the men found out their women were cheating they filed immediately for divorce. They did not explain. They didn’t listen they didn’t coach them. They said it’s over I will not be with you. In both cases it floored the women they couldn’t believe they would do something with that fast before they had a chance to think about it. Both cases they went back to each other reconciled one of them 30 years later so they they worked it out. What I know you have no evidence of him cheating yet. But I would take some time search his phone or whatever you can do and see if you can find anything out. Here’s a good place to start. I was on Reddit and I saw this post and I’m pretty sure that you commenting on it and checking out the women on the pictures. So I think that’s inappropriate for a married man with a woman who loves him. And secondly, if I ever find out your cheat, the marriage is over immediately there will be no talk. I will not tolerate that. Say it like that and if he blisters and gets really angry, let him.

  3. Did he fix his gingivitis? Are there any other physical things that he is neglecting that you feel affect your attraction?

  4. How does your BF respond? Do you trust him?

    My wife is like your BF, never met a stranger and is pretty attractive. She gets hit on or flirted with, sometimes when I’m around or other times she tells me about, but she always shuts it down or redirects. I’m not really the jealous type, and honestly I get a kick out of it, damn right my wife is a catch.

  5. Honestly I know a sorry just like this, sadly bc she was inebriated perhaps the case was thrown out by the grand jury. Even though she had bruises and police reports.

    Hopefully not the case all the time but unfortunately it did happen

  6. Because the wife can say she doesn’t want to take care of affair’s baby yet it’s legal as far as I know to not pay affair’s baby….because it is not hers to begin with unless she insists on taking care of affair’s baby. I think you falling off the track here. As far as there are laws there ain’t any laws that says you required to cover affair’s baby. Yet that gives the husband bad look in the divorce case. Soooo still not understanding what you going at.

  7. Im not sure how to go about this as my class consists of 7 ppl including me and our program is pretty crap and most ppl rely on him for help with their projects as the teachers don't help us. I don't want to risk putting myself in the cross fire and having him hold a grudge against me for ruining his 'thing'. But at the same time I really want to tell her. How would I even begin to call him out ?

    Him and the girl in my class's relationship works in a way that they help each other complete their projects as i explained that our program is shitty and the professors leave us hanging dry we have to depend on each other for everything.

    And what if the girl in my class knows he has a gf but still chooses to date him anyway? Just don't know if i should intervene. It wouldn't be my place but I see what you're saying, if i don't tell her no one will.

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  9. His spouse just stood by?

    It doesn't matter what we say, showing her license means nothing.

    Kierra has literally had people ask her if she's being abused, whether she need help or I'm lying. How she knows me, relationship, etc. Because apparently I must have gotten a child pregnant. She finds it annoying

    What else is she supposed to do to convince people of her age other than address it when it cones up, which she is?

    Is she supposed to rain leaflets from the sky daily? Wear a sign around her neck?

    You act like this doesn't effect her directly, maybe even more so than OP.

  10. Who cares about bursting his bubble? He’s your husband, not owner. Just because he has this “brilliant idea” does not mean that you have to go along with it for any reason. Tell him you want a divorce and see if that shuts him up. If he drops it, great. But you are in no way obligated to go along with this.

    Now the cooler-headed side of me would have you say that you only want to be with him and will never consider being with another man. And you are even upset and offended that he would think of doing this to you.

    Regardless, you can see from all the replies here that this is not something you should even think of doing just to make him happy. You don’t want to do it so there is no reason to do it.

  11. You’re surrounded by such messy, bad people. The friend willing to try to get with a woman in a relationship, his friend and his friend’s wife who are willing to help him, and the bride who is willing to ignore all of this.

    I’d have an open conversation with your girlfriend, because the company she keeps + the way she chose to handle the situation don’t paint her in the most positive light. And it sounds like you’re losing trust in her.

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