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  1. Talking about OP who’s husband claims he also doesn’t want kids. And the implication is that he also doesn’t want to use a rubber. And if he doesn’t want to use a rubber he definitely will not want to have sex with her using a fem condom.

    So the net result will be that she feels pressured to choose an IUD again so he can continue to get what he likes. That’s not a healthy relationship.

  2. She’s not into either of those, which is too bad cause I agree that would be the perfect way to pass the time, she’s just not into em

  3. He is a friend, he’s just an idiot, like most of the guys my age. I am always stopping him from doing reckless things. I’ll give examples where he’s actually been a friend: – my roommate and i had a fight which made me anxious about being in my room til they moved out. so he let me stay at his place. – he spent all day on a beginner’s slope as an advanced snowboarder just to teach me – I shattered my phone and he spent two hours fixing it -he buys me free drinks when we go out -one of our friends got sick in the car, he cleaned it up when it happened, made sure she was ok, then offered to pay to have the car professionally cleaned

    He’s become a close friend while I’m in a new city and have a lot of friends but only probably 1 or 2 that I’m close to.

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