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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. Truthfully, men can be just as dramatic. If you want to try to find a guy friend… Lol for a gay guy friend. That way you know it will be only platonic.

  2. Quite simply, its not your problem. It's his. He knew what he was doing & the affect it would have and continued to do so anyway.

    Not your place to feel guilty & you can use the information however you want.

    Personally though, I kept it to myself. Using it against my ex would have gotten me nowhere, other than being the scorned ex-gf. I knew that if he has the capability to cheat like that, then chances are he will do it again. The next girl in line can take that fall if she so chooses.

  3. This should be the top comment. I’m a woman and as someone in a serious relationship, you’d never catch me getting wasted at a party hanging out with my guy friends to begin with. She broke a boundary to begin with is the point.

  4. So first of all “he does not let me do anything” makes no sense. He can't make you do anything or make you not do anything. He can only tell you what he wanted you to do. He can make boundaries and say that he would leave if you did something.

    This obviously shows that he and you have been developing in very different directions. When you are young you change rapidly and in a long distance relationship this can very fast go in different ways. If he wants a gf that behaves a certain way but you do not want to behave that way, that just shows that you are not compatiable (any more). There is no future if this is the case.

    Even if you love someone, sometimes it is time to be logical about it and see that there is no future and that this will go down the drains eventually anyways.

  5. According to her I have to watch how I ask questions of others because using questioning words like “Why” is “accusatory language”.

  6. I called it out myself as being hyperbole. I understand what they were trying to say. But when we're talking about vulnerable kids being taking advantage of, it's equally important to point out that not every adult is trying to groom you.

    Statements like “there's no reason for an adult to talk to a 15 year old” can make kids who are wary and paranoid about adults who might be genuinely trying to help or reach out to them.

  7. Why are you here? You're asking for advice about your relationship with someone who could destroy your entire life with a single sentence and then you tell people “it's too hard to break up with her”.

    If that's the case, then don't ask for advice since you clearly don't want it.

  8. He does know. He is always very sweet and asks what he can do to help me feel better. I’m struggling because apart of me feels valid in my anger and the other part of me can recognize that I didn’t handle the situation the way I should’ve.

  9. I totally get the exhaustion from work. And I know he doesn’t like talking about it, but he really needs to know that it’s important to you in a relationship. Less about his lack of desire, and more about your needs not being met. Maybe there could be a compromise with frequency. Plus, even if he’s tired, I personally found sex to be super helpful with the stress once I pushed through the mental block. I mean, I wasn’t capable of a grand performance all the time or anything, but we both enjoyed ourselves.

  10. OP you are making reckless decisions and I can understand why your girlfriend (not wife) wouldn't want to sign for you. It could seriously impact her credit if you were to default. You had a car, but wanted to upgrade and now you've lost it. I recommend buying a reliable, older Civic or Corolla with cash. If you need financing then you are going above your means so no more financing, work on raising your income and saving first.

  11. If I wasn't seld aware don't you think I wpuld instead be asking why a woman who I thought (I actually know) was flirtatious with me would then reject me, then your comment would habe merit

  12. As a woman who has been put in the same situation.

    You made things awkward. She was being nice, and you took it as something more. Now, she is avoiding you because apparently being friendly is flirting. So easier to avoid you.

  13. It is bs. It's just a holiday designed by corporations to get you to spend money. Just because you buy into it doesn't mean it's not just another trick you into buying cheap $1.00 crap made in China that, also btw, is literally destroying the planet we all live on. Wake up and quit being so shallow and materialistic. Smfh

  14. Constantly, we go out to dinner, I plan dates. I do all this stuff to make her feel loved, I listen to what she wants but never the other way around

  15. It may not be that exact wording but it's waaaay closer sounding than you seem to think.

    But hey, if it works for you cool.

  16. Lawyer up immediately. You won't be able to see your child be born, but you absolutely have rights as a father. Do NOT text or say anything threatening or even aggressive. This is about baby now.

  17. She's told me she doesn't want to have anything to do with him and that it's only going to be like “hello” “goodbye” etc because of the friend group dynamic so it's not like they are going to remain friends. I suppose just knowing he will be around is what is upsetting me

  18. Yes you should absolutely dump him. The fact that you came here to reassure yourself over breaking up should tell you that you're ready to leave this piece of trash behind.

    You deserve better than someone who's willing to disrespect you and not even defend you.

  19. I'm just trying to figure out what a hypothetical situation in which a woman is in physical danger if they control contraception has to do with the argument?

    It seems to me that the implication is that women can't be held responsible for birth control because of the physical peril, therefore they should be in control of abortion. But in reality, condoms are not the only form of birth control and women are much more in control of all other forms. Outside of condoms, men can't even be sure what level of birth control is being used by their partner.

  20. I would tell the wife. He has already involved you into his life and lied to you about all of this, and lied to his wife.

    I would tell her and then walk away while they sort it out.

  21. All you can do is be there for her let her cry, talk, scream at the stars if she needs too. Don’t tell her that it will get better. It never gets better just different.

  22. It's easy to modify pictures. Can you see the clothes on it? Are any hers?

    It does sound a little like someone is extremely jealous of you two, or of one of you.

  23. Get a job and get your own money. Depending on a man is dangerous already and now you’re depending on a man who won’t kiss you if the house isn’t spotless. That is no way to live.

  24. This isn’t a bad thing, if you are happy together, then talk about exploring together. If you want to experience other people, that’s when things get complicated. Good luck.

  25. medicated for anxiety? it’s not an option. I can’t go on SSRIs because my psychiatrist is worried about how they may impact my history of symptoms of psychosis. I can’t go on benzos because I have a history of addiction. and gabapentin gives me horrible side effects.

  26. Just because she has chronic pain and depression gives her no right to emotionally abuse you like this. I think something more is going on like BPD or something.

  27. Well he’s cheating for real now. So go smack him awake with a pillow and kick him out to a hotel or his mama’s house.

  28. Yea this is a clear cut case of OP thinking that she can do whatever she wants in life without reprocussions. She cheated, got pregnant and then stole the children.

  29. “Y'all want to let EX make the first move. I want to get after her ass and make life miserable for her. Just my opinion and my style.”

    This style is going to be genuenly horrible for this situation, since it is not only going to fail, but is going to cost in court expenses and make the EX's case stronger. Talking to a laeyrr should be the first move, not going all out on the hostility, it would no do any good to anyone.

  30. Good point! What I'm saying is he needs to definitively end the situation with the coworker in some fundamental way. You're right going out to lunch might work in the wrong direction. But it needs to be a clear boundary that he establishes.

  31. Wow. He acts like you nothing but a body, which he owns,and you are trying to find a way to save his feelings. Just… Wow.

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