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Date: September 30, 2022

8 thoughts on “SweetTania4U live webcams for YOU!

  1. Well, you came here asking for advice. From my perspective it seems you took the experience from her at the expense of not taking money from her pocket. You seem to be putting your pride over what she actually wants. Over seeing her as a complete human being. Over compromising sometimes for her happiness. I hope you find one day that there is a lot more to you as a human being than your ability to provide financially. The true value of human beings lies in the love we give and receive, not in being rigid and dogmatic.

  2. No, I completely intend to be more aware of what I am saying from henceforth and not lose my temper. And showcase that to her next month! Hope things work out then 🙂

  3. She raped you. You need to very clearly tell her that, get yourself tested and break off all contact with her .I'm so sorry she did that to you, she is using the fact you are younger than her to manipulate and abuse you. Run away

  4. I'd put her feelings about the situation as “Mildly Annoyed”. Not super worried, and kind of amused, which is why I believe her.

  5. Your lovely bride’s picture gets better with every comment.

    There is something like privacy. Not wanting your likeness displayed all over the internet isn’t controlling.

    However, I wouldn’t bring up your mom because this is an issue between the two of you. You didn’t want excessive display and she disregarded your opinion. That’s the core of the problem. You’re not unreasonable for wanting to have a say in it.

  6. Let's not even mention the doubling of rent over the past 3 years … Rent in my city on any apartment went from 800 a month to 1650…

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