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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. Well, it's good to hear that he didn't groom you.

    As far as controlling you, I think a reasonable person might argue that he is controlling your ability to have an uncomplicated birth and maybe the ability for your child(if he ever gets ready for it) to have siblings. If he's finally ready to have kids after he's turned 50, it could very well mean that you will have to adopt. Not always, but that could certainly be one of the unintended consequences of taking longer than 17 years to decide if he wants kids with you.

    Good luck.

  2. I try to clarify but she's not always consistent. The consist throughline is that she has “so much responsibility.”

    It's not one easily repeatable thing or I would've addressed. She constantly says our personalities are not compatible, I'm not ambitious enough, and I'm not proactive. And that applies to things like cleaning, but it could apply to anything. She's upset that I don't have any friends.

    I look at the things she does and I don't think like it's that big of a responsibility. And we differ heavily on that.

    I do work a full-time job.

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  4. I appreciate the answer. I'm not trying to shy away from it all, I'm just worried about the situation as a whole. I have an anxious mind and I'm already at the worst conclusions, you know?

    I texted her something like “now that the worst hangover of my life is over, we should talk and make sure we're okay”

  5. I have been in a stupid dating reality tv show binge. I asked him if he’d think we would choose each other and he said no because we would “go for looks” I said even in that case I would choose him because I am beyond sexually and physically attracted to him and he said he wouldn’t choose me because they are all 10s and I’m not. I was hurt by this and felt insecure. He thinks that’s dumb and me over reacting.

  6. Do you own a planner? If you do, during a lunch break or when you have some free time scroll through some options of things to do. If you live near an aquarium then see if you need to buy tickets. If she likes crafts, know what kind of crafts she likes and find an equivalent activity, it does not have to be expensive if you don't have the money. Like, if she likes painting, buy two canvasses and have her roll a die, whatever number she lands on, that is how many colors she can use for the painting, and then take her to a craft store to buy the paint. She can paint and use the white canvas background and brushstrokes to create space. After you two are done, do the clean up process for any of her materials.

    Do this kind of idea for any activity you two do. Think of what the timeframe for something is, does something require a meal in between or right around then. Think about what can be done to make it romantic, and then find a day you can put it in your planner. MAKE SURE that you research your topic too. Check if something needs tickets or it is only happening for a limited time, etc. Early into our relationship, I was doing all the planning for dates and made my bf do the planning one week. He started looking up cool stuff but did not realize that just googling cool stuff to do where you live is only half of it. He got so frustrated when he learned that aquarium tickets were sold out, that the restaurant he wanted had a 2 hour wait period for the time he had in mind, and he turned to me and asked me what he should do. I told him to think about what an option would look like for tonight, so he asked if I wanted to do pizza and a movie and he could order the aquarium tickets for tomorrow afternoon. He beat himself up for a while but is slowly getting better at planning things.

    They take varying levels of effort for different activities, but you will become better at this. Other than the ones above, some good ones to let you get used to it are “Pictures in the Park,” where you two get dressed in nice clothes, do yourselves up a bit and take pictures in the park before having a picnic of fruits, crackers and cheese, etc. “Movie and Kid's Dinner Night,” go to the story and buy both of yours favorite kids meals from growing up (we did dino chicken nuggets, smile face french fries, mac n cheese, fried pickles, strawberries, etc.) and then watch any movie you want. You can also choose between drinking wine or milkshakes/ root beer floats.

  7. I own the place he rents from me. I do have a place where I can go while he finds a new place and he said it may take 1 to 2 months to move. We haven't officially broken up. It is hard to let go because there's a lot I like about him and I know I won't see him again but also it was the worst fighting and pain of my life to be with him and I've been through a lot in my life.

  8. 1, Grow up 2, If she wants to do anything behind your back, she can – there are messages, they can speak to each other

    If you act like an insecure teenage girl thats the least helpful.

  9. Can you get the marriage on the ground she was cheating so close after your wedding and the probability it started before it?

  10. Sis, here is the thing.

    You are 22. You gave your teen years to him – in relationship terms, those are learning years. You both are learning who you are, what you are looking for, what you are willing to tolerate, etc… *MOST* relationships do not make it out of high school and early college because people grow and change, develop different values and different goals.

    You are 22. You have your entire big beautiful life in front of you. Do NOT give up your freedom to stay in a toxic relationship with a dude who does not love you or respect you enough to choose you. This is when you walk away from the relationship. You take the time to grieve the relationship you thought you'd have.

    But, you do NOT sit around and wait for him to sow his wild oats. You deserve more than that. You deserve either a man who chooses you each and every time or you deserve your freedom to move on with your life.

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