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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. Maybe let it take some of the sting out? In the long arc of a relationship it’s a small thing. It’s a bummer to miss the holiday party but maybe try to have a fun xmas? ?

  2. So he thinks it’s selfish of you to want to get quality sleep in the same room as him still but it’s not selfish of him to impair your sleep because he needs to be cuddled all night long? That’s…an interesting view of things on his part.

    Also I’m curious how he gets his emotional attachment filled while unconscious…does he do wireless charging like a cell phone?

    You offered a very reasonable compromise of cuddles before and after actual sleeping and he guilted you for how you feel. I feel you need to evaluate this dynamic especially since it sounds from your other comments that this is a pattern. You deserve space and autonomy even in a committed relationship.

  3. There probably is an ego component, yeah, but some people never do develop crushes outside their relationships. Maybe it's human instinct, but it's by no means universal. And those who don't have feelings for others really have a hard time understanding those who do.

  4. Sorry but I’m with your BF on this one. It’s no coincidence that a lot of relationships breakup once they’ve moved in together. I personally would never get married or engaged to someone I’ve never lived with.

  5. You both need to grow up. She needs to be more rational, you need to toss out a second had pillow and pick your wife!

  6. Yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis are two of the most common vaginal infections. A yeast infection will make you feel VERY itchy and irritated, and your discharge will look like cottage cheese. With BV you'll have thin grey discharge, which will smell fishy, especially when in contact with semen. Definitely talk to your gyno if you have symptoms related to these. A visit regardless wouldn't hurt anyways.

    Normal vaginas have a smell and taste. My boyfriend said every girl he's gone down on has had a coppery taste for a bit before the taste goes away and it's like you're just licking skin. It very well could be that this is what he tasted/smelled and he was just caught off guard from it. The fact that he wants to try again is a good thing! It means he liked it. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

  7. I’m frustrated and a bit mad at her because I feel she is in control of the timing and I never get to decide when.

    What is the alternative? That she say yes when she doesn’t want to? Would that make your anger go away?

    Surely you’re not angry because you believe she should be providing sex whether she wants it or not… right?

    I get being sexually frustrated, but your anger is seriously misguided and inappropriate. You are not owed sex simply because you are someone’s boyfriend. She can’t magically decide to become horny when she isn’t; she’s not doing this purposefully to torment you.

    She wants sex 1-2 a week. You want it every day. This is a mismatch, an incompatibility. This is a thing that happens in relationships. Sometimes, people decide that this incompatibility is a dealbreaker, and sometimes they decide they can handle this ‘flaw’ in the relationship. Sometimes talking openly to one another, couples are able to figure out a middle path that works for both of them.

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