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Date: October 2, 2022

11 thoughts on “Miss_Diamond_ live webcams for YOU!

  1. It sounds like she’s weaponising panic attacks in an effort to manipulate you into allowing her to stay. It’s working.

    Next panic attack, call the paramedics and allow them to deal with it. If your ex has a go at you for this, don’t buy into the emotion but simply explain to her that you’re not medically trained and it concerns you how much of a toll these attacks take on her and you want her to get the appropriate help. Continue to call the paramedics every time it happens. She’ll soon get tired of it and you only have to ride out 30 days once you’ve given her an eviction notice

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  3. Sex. Men are simple. More sex. Different kinds. Out of the blue. Always think sex when you want to give him something. You'll never go wrong.

  4. Do what we did (I was on the fence about kids my gf hated them) and just constantly complain to each other about how you hate these damn kids they're always so dumb we saw a kid today throw merchandise across the isle on the ground and the mom didn't even look up? Wtf lady? I have no problem helping out some troubled orphan teen but fuck them kids dude.

  5. Can you please clarify what cheating means in this context? Physical cheating (meeting IRL), Emotional Cheating (exchanging messages).

    Of course you have any right to drop him if you do not want to stay in the relationship, so if you don't want you don't have to explain.

  6. You rebuild a better, more permanent group of support that is based only on you and not your partner – you have learned a lot while with him, and you need to take that knowledge and apply finding people that are better for you.

    Right now though, you need to start saving. No more spending your money – I'm talking penny pinching here, OP.

    Emotionally and mentally detach from your partner and his group to prepare yourself for the fallout from the break up. Still be nice and polite, but get used to the idea of these people not being in your life. After the break up, you need to block ANYONE that calls you ungrateful or anything negative. You don't need that in your life.

    In regards to building friendships – there are a couple ways. They require some elbow grease, but people make new friends every day as an adult. Finding a hobby is always a good start.

  7. Truth, man. As painful as it is, just get it out there, as quickly as possible. The sooner you give her the truth, the better.

  8. Tell her your concerns with your mental health and the impact you feel.

    It may help to convince her.

    Or you have a future plan, if not.

  9. No problem and yeah I still don’t think contacting is the best but I do understand why. Especially since the roommate could lie to protect his friend if she does ask him about it so it wouldn’t necessarily prove he was or wasn’t cheating.

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