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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. How to tell her that you are uncomfortable with her actions.

    You dump her.

    You have already brought it up, and she shut it down, basically gaslighting you.

    When you dump her, find out who the best friends GF is, and let her know that she might want to watch her BF and your ex to make sure she is comfortable with the way they act.

  2. Op says she has tried to get pregnant with other giys before and struggled then as well. Op suggested going to the doctor because it is a very real possibility that she is in fact somewhat infertile.

  3. He hates the idea of letting others down or having them be disappointed in him.

    Aparently that doesnt extend to his wife, or else he would be there for you when you had your surgery.

    Honestly, he needs therapy, cause this is majorly unhealthy.

  4. Dude even if they’re in highschool it would be weird. I remember saying this every year of highschool: seniors who date freshman are sketchy as hell. 3-4 years is a huge gap when you’re a teenager.

    That’s a quarter of your life if you’re 16. From 14 to 18 a whole lot about your life changes, including your legal rights and responsibilities!

  5. I am not seeing enough info to call it abusive, you are likely leaving chunks you that your friends notice. But I at least see that you are in a toxic situation that is very incompatible for you that is making you sick and giving you anxiety. It also sounds like you got manipulated by your “wife” to having a mutual boyfriend with her. That’s really not cool. They also left you out of a huge life changing decision, which says a lot about them as people. It also concerns me that this is a set up to turn you into a nanny. Get out while you can. If the upset of losing you could cause a miscarriage, then she’s going to miscarry anyways over some other stressor. But you have no business putting you own well being in harms ways, just because you imagine something like this. Just go.

  6. Just fyi, Hochschule and high school are not equivalent terms, and I think that's where the confusion is coming in. They sound like they should be, but high school in the US is generally more like Gymnasium.

  7. Technically he is not doing anything wrong to you, he is ex for a reason, him fucking your bff just seals the deal. I hope you are not considering reconciliation with him.

    As for your bff, she should be your ex bff NOW, and cancel the vacation with her it is stupid if you go.

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