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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Well if you are of one mind and he's of the other and the two of you never ever discussed anything in terms of a relationship, I'm sure he thinks you're his girlfriend. So obviously, if you don't want to be his girlfriend, you need to sit down with them and let him know so he can look for somebody else.

  2. Sorry man. It sucks but I admire your mindset. You admit to being upset but you're not letting it take over and know you have to keep going forward. I hope you're able to put this behind you as quickly and painlessly as possible. I wish you the best of luck and the most brutal of divorce lawyers

  3. Trust me, lovely, much older you will thank you for ditching him right now. You have a lot of life to live, please don't waste it on this dead weight. He's using're convenient, you have a car, you are easily manipulated, you're easy and available. None of this is good enough for you. Please, be your own best friend here xx

  4. I’d walk to be honest. You are never ever going to win as long as your bf won’t stand up to her. And if he has to live at home financially then he is never going to stand up to her either.

    Even if he does by some fluke grow big enough balls to tell her to mind her own business, this will be your married life, and this is how she will be with any children you have together.

  5. I did, he said he didn’t lie or hide it (he did) and when i asked he said he wasn’t in a relationship before but he thinks he is now. I asked if he was in a relationship before he reached out to me to be friends and he said he doesn’t know. Which is also a lie because there are photos of them clearly together on her page a few months before he contacted me. Also who doesn’t know when they started dating someone?

  6. You want something and he doesn’t, you need to make a decision. Is this a deal breaker, if so, there’s your decision.

  7. but honestly she’d be missing out on a great person.

    Haha thanks dude. You made my day.

    Yeah I'll try that. Thanks for your time too 🙂

  8. Thank you for being open to change! Most people are not so quick to accept input they didn't agree with initially. You identified the pattern very quickly. I think you are going to do well in life. It's hard when we start life without much teaching of what red flags look like but as long as you are open to learning you will get up to speed pretty quickly. Have you tried therapy? People who are open to learning tend to get the most benefit, as long as they have a good therapist.

  9. This relationship has more red flags than Soviet Russia. If he's lying about things with no real reason, what's he lying about when he stands to gain from it? Sounds like it might be time to plan an exit strategy.

  10. He’s not well. And he doesn’t see a problem with his behavior, so he’s not working to change.

    Imagine living together and he breaks your things. Imagine he throws a tantrum in front of your friends and family and you’re not longer invited around (or at least not with him). Imagine he shows up at your job and his behavior gets you fired.

    Even if he never escalates to physical abuse, his abusive behaviors can ruin your life.

    Block him everywhere and no explanations.

  11. Money isn't the only priority in life. She's allowed to have a job that she enjoys. Not everyone can have a high flying career or society would collapse. It's up to him whether he's happy to support her or not. But if they both work, they should both do chores. He'd still have to help her with chores and childcare even if she was a SAHM. What century are you living in?

  12. He already said in other comments it's not about money. They're very financially stable and go on multiple trips a year but they only go on trips to places he wants. His reasoning “the world is crazy right now” This whole thing seems like a big excuse to paint her as some crazy social media obsessed girl.

  13. Stories like this are very rare. Cheating is Occam's razor. Regardless, OP should tell their friend so they can figure it out for themselves. I'd probably wait until after Christmas since it makes no material difference and might as well not ruin the holiday, but they deserve to know.

  14. Or maybe it's because she wasn't that bothered either way? Almost the exact same scenario happened between my husband and I recently, he was cooking and he was making a modified improvised recipe. I kind of wanted him to do x glaze and he was going to do y glaze. I chatted with him for a bit and realised it was what he specifically wanted to do and that it was his choice and his recipe and so I left it at that. Not because I'm traumatized by him or because he's vicious and abusive. Because it was his turn to cook, his recipe and he wanted to try it his way.

  15. It's fairly simple…he's taking advantage by convincing her that his toxic behavior is gross. Open relationships having nothing to do with this. You can't justify this behavior on its own merits because it's shitty, toxic, and unhealthy.

    It's gross and toxic, not because I disagree, rather because it is.

    They would both benefit from therapy

  16. Does she get time for herself, like leaving the house, going out with friends, quiet place to read or do something. Have you tried talking about it when the situation isn't stressful and you can have a calm conversation

  17. She has made her point clear. Sit down with her and discuss the future NOW, since you apparently haven’t done that in the last six years. Do you want kids, and if you do, what will that look like – how many, will one of you stay home with them or not, etc. What is your financial planning like, what sort of goals do you want to work towards. These are things you should absolutely talk about. And then you can decide if you want to get married, or if you want to break up with her. She hasn’t really left any other options on the table.

  18. Men suck, women suck. I am sorry this is happening to your neighbor but it sounds like your neighbor needs to align expectations in a relationship early on.

    “Hey are kids important to you? Part of your plans?” “No? Ok great!”

    Good luck!

  19. Tell your mother what kind of man you married. Ask her what you should do. If you’re honest with her she may not fight you getting divorced because that’s where this relationship is headed. He will have sex with other women eventually with or without your permission.

  20. The fact that she was afraid BEFORE he met the sister is telling about how she is treated by (at the very least) the sister and possibly the family.

    And right? How long as the little sister been getting away with really gross and shady behavior? Enough to make her older sister have a crippling fear of her significant other leaving her.

  21. They are more than brother and sister. They shared a womb together. They came into the world together, they belong together.

  22. Well, there are beds there! A borderline will surely assume that this must be very romantic to walk past a bed together….

  23. On one side it's important to understand that gut feelings are indicators somethings wrong. However, in this case, your gut feeling and suspicions may be from an insecurity or worry you have – even something like seeing your friend or family member get cheated on and now you fear it even if there isn't real evidence.

    I dont see how the cat pee relates to cheating, unless you're saying someone else caused it but that doesn't make sense because cat pee comes from just cats. Then with the purchase it seems that it was in the past and therefore it was in the past….

    Going through his phone seems like a major privacy issue. You guys shouldn't need to look at eachothers phones regularly ‐ you aren't parenting eachother.

    2.5 is a long time. Consider the pros of the relationship. Why are you in it? You're allowed to just enjoy dating and not worry about marriage or whatever. It seems that you should really think about your own insecurities and also think about if he's done anything bad – does he dismiss you or get angry often? Does he have a history of cheating?

  24. Sadly, there is nothing you can say.

    You need to own it…say, yep… this is me. I did what I needed to do to survive and I am proud of my journey.

    Your current business is not jaded lol Uou are a powerful woman who did more than survive…you thrived.

    If he can not see what an awesome queen you are then he doesn't deserve you.

    It will hurt… but damn, you don't owe him shit. He is either able to get over his issue (because it is his issue) or not.

  25. Your abusive sister has managed to gain control of your family by emotional blackmail. Your poor mother. Put your foot down, stand your ground, and tell your horrible sister her reign of terror is over and she can go fuck herself. Then get ready to dig in and hold your ground because everyone will be against you. But they will all be wrong.

  26. He's going to be all civil about it bc that will make OP feel even worse and he can only do it because the new girl is a high IQ narcissist that's tapping onto her energy. She'll eat the boyfriend alive and if he'll be coming crawling back don't take him.

  27. He’s just more sex positive than you. At this point, be careful because it’s not a match. I understand wanting to feel like his first or only man, but that’s just not his story so accept him for who he is, without pity or blaming his promiscuity on his trauma.

  28. Hmmmm, I dont think YOU know the difference between a relationship and FWB/casual.

    You're being very clingy and insecure and have been treating this like a relationship whether you're aware or not.

    He just wants to hook up. In a FWB situation you don't get body cream made for them or offer massages, thats for an SO. So I think he feels you're overstepping the mark (Inviting yourself over is 1 way) and have possibly scared him off a bit

  29. I had a similar rule to you for very similar reason.

    If you are looking for a husband and he is looking for a wife, it shouldn’t be an issue.

    My husband and I married after 14 months, he planned our wedding before he proposed. If you are like minded about being together for the rest of your lives, I see nothing wrong with marriage before moving in.

    We have had very few teething issues and nothing that caused anything other than a discussion about how to change our behaviours to make each others lives easier.

  30. You only dump your kids on the streets if they do something you disagree with like having you stay at a hotel apparently. Yes much more family oriented than America.

  31. My dude you're being so overdramatic.

    Other guy was the better choice in my her mind. Doesnt matter why, you lost and most guys spend their 20s losing before they get a win. So go cry in a pillow, do what you gotta do to get over it and learn from it.

    Being petty and vindictive isnt going to do anything and it'll bleed over to the next girl you like cause now you have a chip on your shoulder you havent worked through properly.

    Also she's just laugh about it cause you went through so much trouble to try to hurt her when she doesnt even pay you any mind. You're also look like a lunatic to your peers and potential dates, rightfully so.

  32. I mean the first thing that comes to my mind would be to join the group. If you become friends with the guys yourself you prob won’t feel this way. Do you play similar games?

  33. A female friend took a kinda artsy picture of your girlfriend fully clothed, standing on some stairs at a train station and you think the focus of this photo is the ass?

    She needs to see this and drop you dude. And you need to examine why you’re so hung up about this l.

  34. One child is probably all you will end up getting. Granted she might end up loving your child, or she might end up not loving it and resenting you.

    If having loving family with multiple children, I don't think she will give it to you.

  35. “I have regrets that mean more to me than my current life. Time to go “feel young” again because I fucked up when I was single.”

  36. Well alcohol was never my problem and I’ve been clean for 7 years with no issues. My gf like to have drink before bed from time to time. It’s really nothing. I don’t drink for the record.

  37. Its not about i cant party anymore, my gf is so angry, lazy and grumpy i cant do 1 thing good anymore, i Just needed to type this out somewhere

  38. Listen to that inner voice screaming ‘Danger Danger. This is not safe’. Is what he is watching even legal? Keep your daughters safe.

  39. So what did you mean? Cause it sure does look like you're trying to say that being in a relationship with your rapist is a valid choice.

  40. girlll, smack her in the head to bring her back to her senses. jk! You should not be friends or support people who homewrecks and have low moral compass. Now, she feels unstoppable. talk to her and if she stills continues block her and end the friendship. She might still go for your bf because those type of women like challenges. They find it entertaining when they steal someone's man and/or hurt someone.

  41. He can be a great father from his house and you can be a great mother at your house. Many people do it.

    This man will use cruelty as a weapon to you. He will use it on his child if they don't meet his standards. Don't fool yourself.

    There are also many studies on men that leave their wives/partners after an illness, apparently so often that nurses now warn the women. This guy is absolutely superficial and you've seen it now. Don't let him gaslight you on this point.

    “Time served” is a better way to look at it, or google 'Sunken Cost Fallacy'. If it's happened more than once, it will continue until one of you breaks the pattern. It won't be him… just sayin'…

  42. Never date someone who views humanbeings and sex as something they can order like a meal at a fastfood place. If that's not bad enough, he was motivated to do it out of rage to punish someone else. This person has no ability to handle his emotions or stressful situations in a healthy way. Gurantee this is just the tip of the iceberg in his shitty behaviour. Time to quickly make an exit.

  43. I'm a guy and we definitely DO NOT do this lol. Not normal behavior IMO. Atleast I don't do this with my friends.

    Definitely have a sit down convo about this with him.

  44. Yeah nothing else would’ve helped me when I was that age with this situation and I’m sure many others have also been there, done that.

  45. That involves HIM having LEGALLY acknowledged parenthood/ fatherhood of these children!

    Which he had not!

    First step ALLWAYS is acquiring a legal status to claim whatsoever in the first place!

    He demands without yet rightful position to do so.

  46. Say, “I haven’t been inappropriate and I won’t be ending anymore friendships. If you feel the need to end our relationship over then I’m sad to hear it, but this is my boundary.”

  47. Eh… I got kinda uncomfortable just reading this post. What is his problem? How can you get so stuck on something that happened in middle school? He wasn't a part of it. Is he super insecure? Is it jealousy?

    OP, I feel like you two aren't compatible and his goal here is only negative for you. He won't accept your friend for something he wasn't around for and is still bitter about it years later. This shows that every argument or things that will happen, will get smacked in your face years to come. I would advise you to abandon this ship and swim to shore.

  48. When going out with someone the one question that should always be spinning on your mind at every stage of dating is if you want to be with this person for the rest of your life. If you are with him long enough, from my perspective reading your post, then one of two things will happen, either he grinds you down and turns you into a person that you hate, or you start to deeply resent him in a way no amount of kindness or being a good bf in other areas could counter. These are not your hang ups, they are who you are, and you are feeling the beginnings of a serious personality clash. You can stay with him and try to make him change, that is an option, but a risky one that could destroy the love you have. I am not saying that you need to break up now, but do your best to prepare for it to happen. Try to break up with him in a way that preserves the friendship, because to me it sounds like you and him are only compatible as close friends, not partners.

  49. This dynamic only works if proper boundaries are maintained. Let's put the whole step father issues aside and just focus on their and your relationship.

    You have to seriously consider what you want for the future. See if your ideas/plans align and if you both can compromise on some non essential parts. Your FMIL can have no say in any of these. Her future can be kept in consideration (employment, chores around the house, retirement and involvement with any future children) but not if it's on an aspect of your relationship that you won't budge on, like having children.

    If there's too many issues/red flags then you should know what to do.

  50. She is crazy. You should make her your ex and move on. There is better things out there for you my friend.

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