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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Depends. Is he a long time boyfriend that has a friendship with your brother and is close with your family? In that case to me the joke is just a joke. But since your brother is offended I’m guessing they’re not close enough for him to tease him like that and your boyfriend should maybe just apologize

  2. that wasn't evident from OP's comments and I still haven't seen them.

    it's maybe needless, but I don't care what you think is alarming. my barometer for ethical action isn't strangers opinions on a subreddit notorious for terrible advice given by ignorant people.

    have a pleasant day

  3. Totally agree with everything you said. Maybe because I’m 42, lol. Is everyone here 20 or something? Pretty much tar and feathering her and she’s just a kid.

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