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Date: September 25, 2022

10 thoughts on “Aliciarey live webcams for YOU!

  1. OP, disregard every single word in this guy leaves under your post. He does not speak for all guys (certainly not for me, I find every idea here reprehensible), and someone who says “No one person can meet all of another persons [sic] sexual needs” has no business handing out condemnations of others' boundaries. Have I just found my least favorite person on Reddit?

  2. I'm happy most of the time and I enjoy being around her but sometimes things like this happen where she can be unreasonable

  3. “It wasn't me! There was a girl at the party who looked exactly like me and who behaved like a bitch! What?! You don't believe me? Oh… and did i tell you that i have a twin who looks like me and was at the party? Where are you going?!?”

    Yeah, it isn't like it looked like ?

    and someone who thinks a bachelorette party is a freepass to cheat, while do it later again (if she didn't cheat before). She made the decision – multiple times – to cheat. And alcohol is NEVER an excuse. And to think that in this situation she sees it as important who made/send the videos. And to insult this person? It shows her in an even worse light. If my relationship breaks in pieces, i wouldn't think right away about who.

    Be happy that you found out her character before the wedding. And you are so young. You have all the time to find another woman and to start a wonderful family.

  4. seconding this! some stores have display toys you can test on the palm of your hands to check if its light or strong enough for you. store clerk shows you the different functions and models, answers every/any question you may have and there is no taboo. it's neat going and browsing the options! from the sounds of it she'd enjoy that kind of outing

  5. It’s very hard to find compromise with him since he’s so rigid.

    that's a huge red flag. no relationship, romantic or otherwise can sustain itself without compromise, finding common ground, etcetera.

    now, i'm not gonna do the whole reddit “dump his arse” thing, i will however advise you to reevaluate the relationship and suggest considering if that's something that can be improved upon as well as assess if he is willing to.

  6. It's not emotional cheating because as far as we know, she's done nothing. But that doesn't matter. She's been with you for two years and a crush is making her consider ending your relationship. What that means is there's something wrong in the relationship that one or both of you aren't acknowledging.

    Either way, the fact that your partner is considering this should be making you run as fast as you can out of this. You're overthinking the situation. It's very surface level unfortunately. Good luck.

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