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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. you need to be honest with your boyfriend. it will hurt and this conversation may just lead to a break up but you cant just hide feelings like this from your partner, especially if you both love each other.

  2. He doesn't know what he wants and might just enjoy the chase of trying to attract someone he thinks he can't obtain.

    That's great until he's on the spot and suddenly realises that he actually has the option to attempt a romantic relationship with you, and now he has no idea how to proceed.

  3. Once she touched your d and you let her you became responsible for cheating. There's nothing unsolicited about it since you deliberately went to this place offered your twig up, and paid without protest. Your apparent ease at finishing shows you weren't stressed and are fishing around trying to see how you can make it look like assault?

    Accept that you are now and will forever be a cheater. You gifted yourself an orgasm for your birthday and now that the controlling brain has been satisfied you've dimly recalled you have an SO. Stop fronting and just tell your betrayed SO how you indulged your granny fetish with a senior for $60

  4. So, she's supportive of LGTB, and she knows you're queer. That simplifies things, a lot.

    Just ask her out as a friend, as normal, and ask her over ice cream or similar, something like this:

    “Hey, you know how much I love you as my friend, and I wouldn't want that to ever change. I need to ask you something, but first I need to tell you that it's totally fine if you say no, and we stay like this forever. Now, would you go out with me, as a couple?”

  5. Oh just tell him to do one honestly. It sounds like he’s found this one thing and just will use it to drive you mad. Fuck dealing with that for the next X amount of years. What a tosser.

  6. I wish people weren't so divisive. I think that denigrating someone's politics to someone you think may be liberal is silly. Why? Were you trying to suck up to this friend by trying to point out something you may have in common? Why bring up her mother? I think you were sucking up hard to this friend. I think your GF is over reacting.

  7. Definitely needs to be brought up again then. I mean, I’m fine with my husband having friends of the opposite sex, but one of our things is we have to be completely open about it and introduce us, etc. If you feel the same way, make sure to enforce this.

  8. I’ve informed his parents. He’s staying with them—he told me he’d tell me by Saturday…I had to get him to go to another therapy appointment and he said he’ll tell me after.

    If he doesn’t I’ll layout what’s going to happen next.

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