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Ari and Penn, y.o.

Location: Wisconsin

Room subject: All Goals Met! What, ‘s Next?

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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. Because he could've said something sooner. He didn't come to that decision that exact day.

    He could've communicated, “hey its almost about time for me to head back home, and I'm not sure where we are. I'm leaning more towards us breaking up because I'm not interested in long distance and I wouldn't wanna ask you to move with me so soon [or whatever his reasoning was].”

    That's why OP was blindsided. Meanwhile he'd already thought through the decision prior to that.

  2. Yeah. Before I met my husband, I had 2 “serious” relationships and I asked that question about being a better gf to him in both of them. Then I realized the question isn't productive, because it was me who had something to say, but I was expecting him to define it. The other question is tougher (which is why I avoided it). But it's a much better way to start that convo, because it's easier to slide into the part where you mention what you're noticing or how you're feeling.

  3. I think you have to leave.

    But I also think you may get stuck and not be able to pull it off.

    Good luck.

    Leaving is your best option. Just going to be very painful for both of you.

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