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  1. No. If you call as it's happening and you have a legit concern she's a danger to herself and/or you – how is it a waste of their resources? If you believe she could hurt you, you could also file a restraining order. You don't need to live like this.

  2. Not normal

    Don't stay with her if she indulges this behaviour

    The fact that she didn't stop it at the time already shows she is a high risk prospect.

  3. If you include zero need for sex with all other forms physical intimacy, then you might be asexual. In any case you two need to discuss your different levels of needs for affection and intimacy. There really isn't another way to deal with this. Best to you.

  4. You need to get out of this relationship. I don't have any short term solutions, but if you're keeping the baby, look for ways you can work or save up money. Make sure your husband cannot access that money. Save until you have enough to move out and survive for a few months.

    The women at r/TwoXChromosomes have been known to help each other out by mentioning any resources someone in your position might need.

  5. A lot of times landlords will be willing to bend the rules if you have a sit down talk with them and tell them your reasons for why you need to be let out of a lease, of course that route is entirely up to you but it is feasible.

  6. I could make it work easily if I wanted to. Same with a few of my ex's. I chose not to because that's what dating is. I've been dumped plenty of times myself as well.

    Everything is great in the beginning but after spending some serious time together things can change.

  7. Tbh the kids aren’t all mine. I can just leave and only have one kid to focus on. But I’ve been in their lives for close to 7 years. I see them as my own. I would love to work this out but and idk if she’s already checked out.

  8. Cool, if you stop playing FIFA and start having sex with other women, then she should be happier.

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