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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. Honestly, there are a few perspectives you can take from this. Close true friends will be there, no matter what. However, temporary friends will not. I am not sure as to the extent of your friendships between those you have cut out on her account. But I do notice a pattern from your girlfriend. She seems threatened by female friends, that's as far as I can speculate, I am not sure why but it seems like she wants to establish and for you to know a girlfriend/fiance/wife takes precedence over anyone. I don't think you should favor your girlfriend over someone you perceive as a best friend, IMHO, as they will be there through the thick and thin should you even break up with your girlfriend you have clearly shown you care for.

    I think this is an unfair position to put you in. If you have a best friend, then your girlfriend and your best friend have irrefutable places in your life that you don't have to defend or fight for. She needs to be reasonable about this, while some friends she can have a say over, but controlling who you are friends with is unfair and also unhealthy for you and your relationship with your girlfriend as well as anyone you befriend.

    It is not a requirement for your partner and your best friend to by proxy by friends. The understanding that she doesn't have to be everyone's friend you are with but you can be cordial and polite and accept that they're your friend is where I feel she is not understanding or accepting. And an ultimatum is never a healthy way to handle this.

    The next perspective is cultural, you have mentioned you are an atheist and she is Muslim. There are very definable difference between how you two view roles. One of my close friends is Muslim, and while we are very close friends, but she will ALWAYS put her husband/family first no matter what. I take no offense to that, and understand that is how she manages important people in her life and the extent to which she is willing to do for each. I am also an atheist too, so I did approach her about her abrupt mannerism when she did enact such boundaries. At this point she was only dating him, but the degree to which she clearly defines value of a boyfriend is very different than where I'm from (USA). What it really came down to was understanding the cultural differences that stem from our backgrounds and beliefs, and from there were still close to this day.

    The last perspective is reciprocity, what if you were to not approve of one of her friends? Has this happened before? How did she react? Do you think she would give you the same courtesy she has asked of you several times already?

    At the end, ask yourself, is this a pattern? Or is her behavior justified? Being your significant other is not a good enough excuse, prioritizing her over your friends is also not enough of an excuse if she expects it everytime no matter the situation.

  2. Thanks, I do my best.

    Honestly, I don't see the joke.

    But other than the “catholic church is bad” bit, the rest of it is legit. I'm crazy about my girlfriend but the way she's presenting herself is killing my physical attraction to her. The rest of her I'm still all about. I'm trying to see if there is a way to address the physical part.

  3. I'm genuinely curious why you (and others) think his fiancée would stay with him through all this only to dump him because the test she knew he was taking turned out positive? S If she's going to do that she should have just broken up with him when she found out about the possibility.

  4. Ah I guess that's fair too. I was answering out of personal experience as well. I responded in a joking manner because it seemed so absurd to me I thought it was literally a joke. Once I realized my SO was serious I started becoming upset/angry about the accusations.

  5. valid.. The problem is Jade and my bf on their own (without me there) get along so well. But once I come in, they want to both speak to me.. Thus my predicament..

  6. Their daughter will have to answer for that, not you. And I genuinely hope her parents hold her to the fire and make her cover those expenses. It's not your problem man, don't be fretting about any of that.

  7. sorry u dont get ur cuddle and foot rub and emotional support when shes caring for a child 24/7. maybe if you were helping she wouldnt feel so incredibly burdened…

  8. He sounds like a passive aggressive man child. I hope you don't have children with him. You don't deserve this treatment. Did he do anything for your birthday?

  9. He can be there for his wife's milestones. He probably saw her graduation from highschool. He saw her get married. Maybe she'll let him meet her kids with her next husband.

  10. I don’t mean to be harsh but people really need to grow a backbone for themselves. Why would you agree to it when you don’t even want it? That’s not healthy. You don’t want to do it and he doesn’t need to force you into that. It’s weird

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