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  1. Sorry laughing at you choosing a comment he has listened to for your comment ?.

    Seriously agree that he should have spoken about the car but not to protect the friends husbands poor ego. People seriously need to learn that it's OK to accept help and stuff from others. I would be high fiving my partner and their friend if this was us but I guess that's because I don't have this toxic mentality of having to “provide” or be “provided” for ??‍♀️.

  2. Sounds like she cares for you as a person, and is being honest about how she sees her son. Good thing she's not blind to his faults like so many mothers seem to be. She also may be looking out for her son in that she thinks he isn't actually ready for a relationship until he works on himself. I don't think she's trying to trick you, she's been very straightforward. She sees you as a daughter and is probably imagining how she'd feel if her child had a partner who acted the way her son does. She's a good parent.

  3. Crikey that got deep fast my guy. Any family and friends and savings and other plans? If not why not? You should be living on 60% of your income and the other 40% gets saved 10% is for splurge. Drinks out. Coffee. Drugs etc. 20% is saved for fire emergencies. Paying off your credit card. Or saving for a house. And the other 10% is for mojo, paying for a hotel when your boyfriend is probably out doing shit you don’t deserve and you need to move out asap. Right now. Lock him out. And tell him to go to house family while you sort out your life. Means you gotta pay all the rent soon but better than being in the house with a man who can’t stay honest. You deserve better. Now pay your damn rent on time and stop wasting your money

  4. Honey, wear your heels and be masculine af.

    Somewhere a chick is going to think you’re the hottest guy she’s ever seen (because honestly, men with great legs in high heels? Yes pls) and you will find a woman who love you for you. PSA: men can wear high heels, skirts, dresses and not be transgender or even be cross-dressers. Clothing and shoes are for everyone.

  5. So she told you she kissed another man and would have had sex with him if it wasn’t for you? Have some self respect and leave. That’s ridiculous.

  6. End it. Seek therapy. Tell your family and friends what happened. If his family asks you directly feel free not to lie. Otherwise let him deal with telling his family. Don’t keep secrets for your STBX. He doesn’t deserve it

  7. “I do so much” Yeah you came and I carried a baby for 9 months and pushed them out of my vagina I don’t see a comparison. I’m sorry he’s being like this you deserve better

  8. Yeah it probably is. And Well… yes HAHA my keyboard is danish, and sometimes it just makes the word capitalized and i cant be bothered to correct it everytime

  9. I didn't said that's the only problem we have but I'd got more and more a problem because people insulted the relationship way before anything happend. If you're comment doesn't help just keep it

  10. Just so I can understand the pipeline of your husband's behaviour/thinking here:

    can't stand up to his friends >>> bullies you >>> but happy to reap the benefits of all your hard work and motivation >>> still reserves the right to give you shit about it and punish you emotionally so you feel terrible

    This person sounds like an entire waste of space fumbling around in the shoes a partner should be wearing. He's chronically negging and gaslighting you so you won't wake up and leave him.

    He said inside I'm still I'm still the same fat girl no matter what I do

  11. When my husband and I aren’t communicating well verbally we take a break and then text when we are ready to talk it out. It usually starts with an apology from both of us acknowledging where we went off the rails and then we both share what we wanted to express in the earlier conversation.

    It sounds like you have been resentful of his bathroom habits but not communicating your feelings or how you’re picking up his slack. That doesn’t absolve him of his disrespectful, unhygienic behavior but it does mean that your comment may have surprised him and put him on the defensive. The quip about the toilet seat hit him wrong and he lashed out by trying to turn it back on you which is also not right.

    The fact that you jumped right to separating makes me think this is only a symptom of much deeper issues. If he is abusive, couples counseling is not recommended and can be more harmful than helpful. However, if a breakdown in communication is the main source of conflict, a third party could help you both develop better skills for problem solving without it turning into a fight.

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