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Date: October 2, 2022

13 thoughts on “Rubi-worldd live webcams for YOU!

  1. he's literally going out with female friends to pubs, graduations, bars , restaurants?? Isn't he going to get attached if he does those things so much?

  2. Gifts are called gifts for a reason. You don’t expect anything in return when you give them. You know she has financial difficulties at this moment and to some people handmade gifts don’t have the same value as more materialistic things.

  3. While I'm not supportive of their relationship, grooming by dictionary definition is, “attempting to form a relationship with a child or young person, with the intention of sexually assaulting them or inducing them to commit an illegal act such as selling drugs or joining a terrorist organization”. At the end of the day, they ARE both consenting adults. I don't know what this guy's intentions are at all, so I don't want to blow things out of proportion and accuse him of things I'm not totally sure of.

  4. This is the right response, but hey you don’t want to listen. Continue being a creep to your sister and enjoy your incestuous tendencies

  5. No need to make assumptions. If there’s a moment, make a move. Profession is irrelevant. If he’s not at your pace, he’ll let you know.

  6. Break up dude. It ain't gonna get better. When you're future shows itself, open your eyes and make wise decisions.

  7. Friends down the road means not friends now. Which tbh sounds good because it doesn't really sound like you're in a place to be friends with him, it sounds like you'd be quite jealous and would confront him if you saw photos of him with someone else for example. So once things have cooeld down a bit and you've had time to get over him, maybe he'll unblock you and you can be friends then. But if you're both saying you don't want to be friends right kow I don't see what the issue is really

  8. So what's the attraction here exactly? The guy doesn't want to commit. His actions show he barely cares about you, if at all. Best you can hope for is to be a hookup, which obviously isn't enough for you.

    Move on, block him, and find someone who views you as their favourite

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