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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. Talk to your wife honestly about how she feels about it and how you feel. Acknowledge the hypocrisy. Maybe she’s been feeling this way and again was too afraid to tell you. The whole open anything blah blah, usually not a good idea to begin with but here we are, only works with extremely open and honest communication. If that’s not happening then it’s not going to work and it will only get worse. There’s plenty of paths forward but none of them should include laying there in a panic state when you could just talk to your wife about what you’re feeling or go to counseling, independently or jointly.

  2. He is either cheating and paying for her life OR he cheated and she’s blackmailing him to pay for her lifestyle. I would probably do a bit more digging, probably go through his phone. Get your evidence and then either confront or get an attorney.

  3. Well, first of all I pay my own bills. I pay for my car, insurance, cell phone, student loans, credit cards, gas, food, clothing, items for the kids, etc. It’s a point of pride to not be dependent on anyone in this life.

    Secondly, and sadly – $217k minus $57k in taxes doesn’t do much for you in New England. Average price of a 3bd/2ba house is 500k and rising. Taxes are insane. Cost of living is disgusting. We are fortunate to live comfortably, but that is only because I don’t not drain the house of the approximately 40k it costs a year for me to live.

    But most of all, the choice to work and hustle is one we made as a family. We both knew there would be sacrifices to give our kids the best future possible. It just seems that the sacrifices are much heavier on my side of the scale.

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