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Date: September 25, 2022

14 thoughts on “Im-alexis live webcams for YOU!

  1. I have tried to tell him to play acoustic instead of thru the amp because the amp gets super loud or to play outside of the room. I understand your point maybe setting a time it’s ok the only bad thing is I can’t leave his room when he wants to play

  2. Whether they admit it or not women like to feel desired even when in relationships, gives them a little boost. It doesnt mean they'll cheat on the guy that gave them the compliment.

    Can it be annoying sure but they just do that.

    Are you overreacting? Sure but only out of lack of understanding. Women just dont operate the same way men do, moment you understand that it clarifies all the weird things they do in our viewpoint.

  3. I thought AirTags were supposed to alert third parties if the owner wasn’t present. They supposedly either alert your phone (I assume apple only) or play a sound. I’ve never bought any but they are supposed to prevent unwanted tracking of people. Can anyone confirm? Not saying the boyfriend might not be trying to track OP, or that she’s wrong for being suspicious….just wanting to learn more from people who have bought these things.

  4. I think it is about shared ideals, beliefs, political views but also lifestyle, memories, culture, etc. My partner and I consider ourselves alternative people but aside from a few tattoos/piercing we don't lean any particular way aesthetically. When you find the right person you will be able to communicate and live those shared beliefs – if it's the wrong person, it really doesn't matter how either of you dress, it just won't work. Again, best of luck and I hope you find the person you're looking for 🙂

  5. The naivety of these posts lately. Telling a whole story about how their girl gets plowed then say “I don’t want her to get mad” or “I love her and want to believe her”

    Many/most of those/this stories where the poster is describing a situation in which he is obviously being cheated on, and then goes on to ask us if agree that its all innocent are by trolls.

    Usually the accounts are a few hours/days old, or they're old accounts that haven;t been used for years and were probably hijacked.

  6. Lawyer for eviction I am guessing? Already did that with the valuables, they are in my office at work. I do record interactions that escalate at all now. Feels worthless almost,, “hey cop before you arrest me check out this video”. Guess it might help me afterwards but yea

  7. Yeah he’s ruined my trust now. Even if he didn’t meet the guy there would always be a possibility you know

  8. OP, are you planning to have kids with this guy? Because you should know that it is a normal bodily function to poop while giving birth. Personally, I agree with everyone else who says to make him an ex.

  9. God, I hate people like OPs wife. That is such an immature attitude to have. OP, her attitude about this will not go away. I have had to deal with this same thing for years, though 100% are not as aggressively. No amount of therapy or talking is going to change the way she thinks about the situation. She isn't going to mature up. So you've gotta decide whether or not you want to live with this kind of scrutiny for the rest of your life or if it's time to move on.

  10. Don’t . That’s the best way to respond to this toxic child. Hahaha 6 months and y’all have broken up numerous times. Bruh, the red flags from that sentence alone should have allowed your common sense to dictate that this isn’t a healthy and happy relationship.

    Be a man and just move forward with your life without the headache of this chaotic and selfish person dragging you down.

  11. He's definitely interested. Depends what he wants though. If he is still with his girlfriend then he's not such a nice guy.

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